Tuesday, February 23, 2016

WTF NPCs for Longwinter and more ...

Moving a blog, even just a d&d blog, is a surprisingly hard thing. URLs and subscriptions tend to be resilient. No matter, we continue ... I've added a bundle of NPCs to the Longwinter list. Read the lot there, and feel free to follow that blog instead.

Rudvik, the City of the Pit, the Silver City, the Guild Warren, built in the guts of the Gargantuan Golem Fact of the Long Long Ago. Suspended on the cliff above is an iron spider of a fortress, now the Home of Counting and Count

  1. Counte Rudolf Rudov — the man with the golden hand and silver eye, his hands bedecked with rings, his abacus with beads of (1: amethyst, 2: emerald, 3: rubies, 4: sapphires, 5: garnets, 6: amber), his brow crowned with the Binary Bindlet.
  2. Countess Krovela Rudolfova — the Counte's wife, who's skin is forever milky and young as the day they were wed by the Baron's grandfather.
  3. Counteska Rudina Rudolfova — the Counte's daughter, some say witch, others wild thing. In truth she is (1: both, 2: neither, 3: a changeling, 4: a misunderstood goth).
  4. Vizir Sokolov — the wizard of Rudvik, demons worry when he is near. He turns tears into joy, everyone's happy when he walks by.
  5. Vaga — the death-dealer of Rudvik. Darkness stalks the steps of the death-dealer. Grown men become children in the presence of the death-dealer. The House of the Death-Dealer is surrounded by (1: shields, 2: skulls, 3: glass vials, 4: stone chimes, 5: silver-threaded copper coins, 6: feathers).
  6. Moksijeva Maja — a noble fightress, tough and just.
  7. Perimpepet — a brainy fellow, some would say a thief, he is a master of geomancy and mining.
  8. Nur Gottlieb — a rustumi preacher-pundit.
  9. Masad Obershtain — mason, builder and inn-keeper of the Sign of the Cog-clock.
... and more.

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