Monday, August 31, 2015

Six Words 6d6: The Wall

II. The Wall or The Crossing of Boundaries and the Reception of Gifts

1d6 the wall
1. soft smooth milky cream whispers nothings
2. sunrise brings purple, sunset brings flowers
3. vertigo, mounting heights, pikes break eggs
4. crumbs for handholds, feet, susurrating cracks
5. broad, chariotway clatters, ruts deep dank
6. animals crawl, petrify, aggregate, ferns grow

1d6 the tree
1. weakened swaying giant calls the rain
2. storms break, clouds part, shadows spread
3. gnarled roots shatter bone, eat stone
4. needles sharp, witching heart watches berries
5. fruit bring sleep, flowers bury lovers
6. leaves fly, butterflies, spreading spiced seeds

1d6 the remains
1. fire died, charcoal melted, charred teeth
2. trail, burned footprint, sulphur smells sweet
3. hole half-buried, treasure ruined, leather
4. dead man tells tails, rising sun
5. bloodstained iron man, heavy lead boots
6. helmet hollow rolls, cackles, distant lightning

1d6 the animals
1. bristled fur, gnashing teeth, smashing trees
2. crawls with axe head, smiles feral
3. bleeds ice, moans hatred, shunning cities
4. leather, boan, plated eyes bring fire
5. venom summons laughter, claws write glyphs
6. lumber through lumber, hulk, great trombone

1d6 the gift
1. all that glitter is gold, lies
2. potted plant, speak to me, lover
3. four shoes, new wisdom never used
4. souvenir, future past, trees eat memories
5. binding brothers, severing sisters, snaggling teeth
6. peace comes knocking, offenders down, bleeting

1d6 the weapon
1. flick of the wrist, too late
2. heavy numbness, spreading lies, sowing diffusion
3. broken, lord forgotten, beneath great hill
4. moonlight shatters gates of perception, transcendence
5. thick blood, soiled, infection can spread
6. snicker-snack, off with her head, crier


More words of inspiration for the referee behind the wall.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Red Land District - Canto I.

A radical anarcho-magist free enclave squatting the prime coastal real estate of the traditionalist, agrarian Red Lands.

Slogan: "We built this city on rocks and rolls."

Three groups hold power:

  • the merchants — rogues, green clerics, agents and their ilk abroad.
  • the wizards of Chernobyl Campus Ruins — balancing things out with their two major schools: the jet-set lawyers and the harbormaster navigators, and their three minor schools, the brickmancer masons, the necromancer accountants and recorders, and the school of economic and social propaganda.
  • the hexads — self-help associations of like-minded socio-economic activists, secret societies and political groupings. They are sorted by color, from purple to red, as per the schema of the Rainbowlands.
Hexad Generator (roll d6s multiple times).

Color / Power / The Hexads Hustle:
  1. purple / ++ / pharmaceuticals
  2. blue / + / medical equipment and procedures
  3. green / 0 (stable) / agribusiness
  4. yellow / 0 (liable) / show business
  5. orange / - / magitechnology
  6. red / -- / security services
They hate / love / and their guffin is:
  1. magic / magic / ... the mistress is a medusa
  2. combat / combat / ... use troll-cows for regen-juice
  3. chaos / chaos / ... enlarge and reduce spellchemical commodities
  4. law / law / ... use necromancers to blackmail the dead and run a collective government
  5. aristos / proles / ... use treant juice to talk through trees and turn to plants when die
  6. outsiders / insiders / ... use charm spells to turn aristos to the side of the proles