Thursday, October 3, 2013

XII: Petromancer or Geolosage

Fyodor hammered his tempered pick through the ancient stone. When he finally broke through the weathered petrified face of the ancient beast it seemed a dam gave way and a flood of old burnt clay tablets knocked him off his platform and to the sandy ground below. He came to and saw scattered about him the lost magics of the legendary petromancers of Petra, the city in the stones.

Starting spells

  1. Soften (Std., Close)     a small area of about 2x2m of earth or rock becomes soft and friable, if it is wet it turns to mud. (+1ß) a larger area of about 10x10m softens.
  2. Stoneskin (Std., Touch) (1ß) one living creature's skin becomes hard and resistant as stone, granting DR 5 and resist 5 fire, cold, necrotic and poison. The target also becomes slow. Lasts until the end of the encounter. (+1ß) lasts about half a day.
  3. Petrify (Std., Touch) (2ß) vMD, one item or living creature touched turns to stone, items worn do not turn to stone. (+1ß) range increased to long. A petrified creature may make one save per day to turn back to normal.

Later Spells

  1. Shapestone (Non-c., Touch) at the caster's touch stone becomes soft and malleable, letting the caster mold and shape it easily. (20 xp)
  2. Passwall (Std., Close) (1ß) the caster modifies the structure of a section of stone large enough to admit creatures in single file so that he can pass through it. The stone returns to normal one round after the caster has passed through. (30 xp)
  3. Explosive Stone (Std., Touch) the caster increases the pressures inside a fist-sized stone, making it explosive until the end of the encounter. A thrown explosive stone bursts in a close blast, dealing 2d6 damage. (+1ß) cast as minor action, the stone deals 3d6 damage but is more unstable and will self destruct in 1d4 rounds. (15 xp)
  4. Earthquake (Non-c., Touch) (1ß), requires explosive stone, the petromancer increases the pressure on a larger scale, over several hours priming an area for an earthquake. It is generally only a gentle tremor (3 on the Richter scale or so), but by involving more cosmic forces it's power can be increased greatly (+1 on the Richter per +1ß). (50 xp)
  5. Stone Golem (Non-c., Close) (2ßr), requires shapestone, the caster can craft a stone golem servitor or guardian. (60 xp)

Stone Golem. 40hp, 10 AC, 5 DR, 18 MD, +0 Sav, Slow, +5 slam 1d12+6. Notes: DR 5 to all special attacks. Immune to necrotic and holy. Can also serve tea with great precision.