Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WTF Migrations (and Classes)

I'm a fan of classes describing the setting. In fact, I'm a fan of pretty much all the tables and rules by themselves describing the setting, which is something I'm trying to do with my new WTF blog (and yes, I'll try to migrate more of my content from here to there). However, it's a bit of a slog highlighting a shift like that.

At a rough count, I still need to move ...

  1. the readers
  2. the blog links
  3. the good posts
  4. ... and set up some redirection.
This will take forever. Till then, I'm presenting my version 1.0 alpha simple murderhobo classes for WTF:
  1. The Wizard who's good at spells and occasionally pistols.
  2. The Thief who's good with skills and pistols.
  3. The Fighter who's good with not dying.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wizard Thief Fighter is reanimating into unlife

I've made a more focused blog for my d&d stuff (WTF? Again?) at I tried to simply rename this blog, but that broke all kinds of links. So, it's here now, the first real post:

A list of d20 npcs to start with, including:

  1. leather-clad scholar from among the (1: rustuman, 2: petrograd, 3: morjanska, 4: turalia, 5: wolf-folk of the black wood, 6: white canyon),
  2. spy, tailor, sailor and international trader of mystery,
  3. smooth-talking flour-chucking food merchant with a cart of (1: boiled leeches, 2: broiled leeks, 3: grilled lima beans, 4: sautéed lemon-fish, 5: flambéed lobster, 6: fresh linear accelerated-growth lion-strip),
  4. militiaman with the clockwork heart,