Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wizard Thief Fighter is reanimating into unlife

I've made a more focused blog for my d&d stuff (WTF? Again?) at I tried to simply rename this blog, but that broke all kinds of links. So, it's here now, the first real post:

A list of d20 npcs to start with, including:

  1. leather-clad scholar from among the (1: rustuman, 2: petrograd, 3: morjanska, 4: turalia, 5: wolf-folk of the black wood, 6: white canyon),
  2. spy, tailor, sailor and international trader of mystery,
  3. smooth-talking flour-chucking food merchant with a cart of (1: boiled leeches, 2: broiled leeks, 3: grilled lima beans, 4: sautéed lemon-fish, 5: flambéed lobster, 6: fresh linear accelerated-growth lion-strip),
  4. militiaman with the clockwork heart,

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