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100 Pseudo-magical Tomes for Your Game

I've culled and collated a list of more-or-less silly ideas for pseudo-magical tomes - updated to 100 items with great help and motivation from the G+ OSR Community (looking at Grey Knight, Chris Tamm, Keith J Davies and Noah Stevens in particular. Fellow contributors: if there's some particular link you want associated with your name, let me know. In lieu of other information, I've simply added any active blog I could find to yer naem. :))

  1. Teobaldik's Necrologicon – a book on the theory of necromancy.
  2. The Voerrecian Interpretations of the Ancestors – a book on necromancy.
  3. Childred's Vivifective Sourcebook – a book on reanimating the dead.
  4. Forma Pelluriana – a book on shape shifting.
  5. Philip's Draconiforma – a book on shape shifting with an emphasis on dragons.
  6. Miscellania Pyrologica – a book on miscellaneous fire magics.
  7. Onin's Elementary Pyrotechnics – a book on explosive and elemental spells.
  8. Anthologia Cryomantica – a book on ice spells and weather forecasting in winter.
  9. Nevan's Codex Nevens – a book on snow magic.
  10. The Collected Scrolls of the Chapter of Susurrations – a book on snake magic.
  11. Principia Velenosa – the principles of poisons.
  12. Childred’s Resurrected Works – a book on raising the dead.
  13. Echo’s Soothing Chrestomathy – a book of healing and cleansing spells.
  14. Indra’s Waters of Life – a book on healing draughts and rains.
  15. Iz Sidri’s Manual of the Protection of Sacred Life – a book on hunting the undead.
  16. De Aque Sancte – a book on holy waters of different sorts.
  17. Jillian’s Phantasmagoricystica – a book on phantasmal spells.
  18. Derigeur’s Mirror of Smoke – a book on illusion spells.
  19. Salic’s Lex Sanguifecta – a book on the law of blood magic.
  20. The Diary of a Leech – a book on blood magic and healing.
  21. Piniped’s By the Sword of the Gods – a book on holy weapons and enchantments
  22. The Crusade of the Interstices – a book on holy battle magic and travelling the Paths of the Voids.
  23. Ulrik’s Monographia Insomniae – a book on nightmare magic.
  24. The Umbral Tome – an anonymous book on shadow magic.
  25. Iz Kronske’s Theoriae Petromantiae – on the theories of rock magic.
  26. 2nd Principia Geomantica – the higher principles of earth magics, anonymous.
  27. Hydromantia of Laurent od Sushotsk – an introductory tome of water magic.
  28. Elementaria Aquatica – on water elementals.
  29. Encyclopaedia Phytomantica – a compendium of plant spells.
  30. Shrub Wizard for Life, by W. E. Bos – an overview of shrub and tree magic.
  31. Portando il fine – anonymous book of death magic.
  32. Lilander’s Entropia – a book of death and entropic magic.
  33. De Rarum Daemonicum – a book on daemons and their summoning.
  34. The Excorcist’s Cookbook – a book on fighting daemonic possession.
  35. The Fires of Hell, by E. Quimble – a book on hellfire.
  36. Codex Contegatiae – a collection of works on protective spells.
  37. The Golden Armour of Nilnamur – a book on protective magic.
  38. Magnifica Abjuratica – a poorly spelled book on more protective magic.
  39. Filinda’s Tricks and Traps – a book of magic tricks and camouflage tips.
  40. Der Doppelganger – a book on doppelgangers and the changing of faces.
  41. Petra Alchimistica – a book on the philosopher’s stone
  42. Solvents Versal and Universal – a book on acid magics.
  43. The Arrow of Acid and Other Elixirs – a book on acid arrows and various odd elixirs.
  44. Miffle’s Meta-metallurgica – a book on meta-metallurgy and alchemy.
  45. Iota’s Energia Mystica – a book on spells of force.
  46. Theresia’s Telekinaesthetics – a book on telekinetics.
  47. Cooking Clerics, by W. Itch – a book of potion recipes for the budding witch.
  48. De Orbis Malefex – a book on curses and evil eyes.
  49. Tellurian’s the Mastery of Puppets – a book on voodoo and curses.
  50. Riding the Lightning, by I. Stormborn – a book of electric spells and magics.
  51. A Rare Light, by McFilinda – a book of light spells.
  52. Principiae Lucens en Spectrals – a book on spells of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  53. Channelling for Chumps, by U. Krum – an advanced book on war magic.
  54. The Death Dealer – a semi-autobiographical book on battle magic.
  55. Hippie Hexen Herbarium – a compendium of herbal potions and decoctions.
  56. Opus Herbata – more herbal spells.
  57. The Clock of Fate – a book on trapping elemental souls in clockwork cages.
  58. Vaporous Layaboutry – a book on steampunk magic.
  59. The Clockwork Goblin, by S. Tubbins – a book on automata.
  60. Origen’s Exothermonomicon – a book on magical bombs.
  61. Shilben’s The Perversions of the Mind – a book on psionic spells.
  62. Handel’s Tabulations of the Razor – a book on domination and mind control.
  63. Sachsen’s Magic Axe – a book of heavy metal bard spells.
  64. The Thunder of the Gods – a book of loud sonic spells.
  65. Karver’s Resilience of Rust – a book on the rust monster and the replication of its powers.
  66. Cyclopedia Golemica – a book on the manufacture of golems.
  67. I, Golem – a semi-autobiographical magic book on golem programming.
  68. Wyrding for Women – a book on divination.
  69. The Scissors of Life – a tome on astrology and curses.
  70. The Seven Forbidden and Hidden Tomes of Unknown Contents: the Skin Book of Innumerable Eyes, Ulrik’s Gazes Beyond the Void, the Six Tongues of the Fast Stars, Origen’s The Stars Like Dust, Curiosites of de Vooid, Handel’s Calculations of the Immortal Mind, Krasius’ Rips in the Sail of Time.
  71. The Perpidexicon of Knaardge - insane geometry and esoteric poetry (Chris Tamm)
  72. Mysteries of True Form: A pamphlet on the regular solids and their magical connections to higher planes of existence. (Grey Knight)
  73. Agamu's Matters Relating to the Care of Rulers: A carefully-worded treatise useful for those wishing to become an éminence grise.  Without going so far as to directly state anything incriminating, to the discerning reader the tome gives tips on controlling from behind the throne, including some subtle spells which superficially appear beneficial to the recipient. (Grey Knight)
  74. A Booke of Babie-Catching - a lavishly illustratted twoe kolor toom desined fore de expert midwyf hoe woudde improewe haar skilles with severale jusefull spelles and ointments for Healing, de Easing off Paines, de Blessinge of Chinderens ande de Skaring Awaye off Eville Spiritts. (LR)
  75. Deringle's Spelling in Spelles: a treatise on the importance of properly archaic spelling for maximum magical magnificence. (LR)
  76. On The Discovery of Changelings : a worn folio illuminated manuscript describing the methods of finding out children and adults whose forms have been replaced by faerie creatures. None of the spells actually work or do anything. The book radiates subtle magic a la Nystul's Magic Aura (Noah Stevens)
  77. Riobalt's On the Permutations of the Elements - a weighty alchemical tome on ways to transmute gold into other, less valuable metals and ores through the application of time and effort. (LR)
  78. This collection of scrolls is marked with an ancient glyph for PROTECTION, and, on the inside, the words for BANISHING and DESTRUCTION in beautiful illuminated script. It seems at first reading a series of instructions for managing safety from various entities ranging from bothersome to evil. Upon closer reading, it is just that, only it's talking about ways to effectively secure your house from a variety of household pests and nuisances. Some of the suggested tactics are magical, others mundane. (Shoe Skogen)
  79. Kaasandra's Tome of Prophecies Ignored - a pseudo-autobiographical work detailing the woe that befell those who did not heed the prophecies of Kaasandra of Nuurt. Among the dross are several useful spells for making people forget small things, like where they left the keys yesterday, as well as a rare version of the ancient Sumoninge of Sockes, which is a curse that removes one sock, never a pair, from the target's luggage, baggage, chest or wardrobe. :) (LR)
  80. Fulster's Transnominacon - a tome with a lot of name magic, including spells for permanently altering the true names of other wizards, weakening their spellcraft. (LR)
  81. Cereth's Manual of Nothing: creative uses for voids, holes, and absences of things.  Includes instructions on how to build your own "hole box", with which to collect holes from things.  Cereth recommends taking the keyhole from your house with you when you go out — you can even leave the key behind to confuse burglars a bit more!  Advanced topics include how to sew several holes together to make a net. (Grey Knight)
  82. Zuiker's Pyscathonomica Profunda - seventeen different fish based magics and a guide to how to catch a fish without actually cheating very obviously. (LR)
  83. The Loosening of the Arrow - a mystical work that describes archery and its practice, as well as several enchantments and evocations that aid the teaching and firing of arrows from a bow. (Noah Stevens)
  84. Il Sas Domine by Peotra the Second - a tome on the properties of divine stones and the uses of standing stones in divine magic. (LR)
  85. Beyond the  Studies of the Vermicelli Mentali or Mind Worms, sometimes translated as Mind of the Flying Spaghetti Monster  - those magics so corrupting that merely reading them lodges them in the magic users brain, where they corrupt him and drive him toward malign Kaos. (LR and Keith J Davies)
  86. Lo! Apprehension of the Great Noodley One – a book of magic tricks, biology and numerology. (LR and Keith J Davies)
  87. Biblia Pastariffica - over thirty-seven fully fledged pasta based magics, including the ritual for summoning Tensorio's Floating Plate of Pasta, capable of carrying up to 33 pounds of pasta, as well as Pelatio's Instant Pesto, which automagically transforms available ingredients into a thermally treated purée perfect for adding to cooked pasta. (LR) Teratic/Mythos version: including living creatures... but you are compelled to eat heartily. (Keith J Davies)
  88. Kompendio Kompetitivo de Mensen Pugnalant - a compendium of spells to incite greater competitiveness in testosterone fuelled competitors, written in execrable vulgate by the Ringmaster Iu Dauron. (LR)
  89. Movements of the Ents and the Magical Properties Thereof : a work in low Entish, or perhaps Sahaugin (in the 2nd edition) that describes a single spell that may be learned by studying the prolonged mating dances of Ents that sometimes take up to a thousand years to observe in their entirety (Noah Stevens)
  90. The Temporal Compendium to the Movements of the Ents - includes a short discourse on trans-temporality and a spell for the chronopetrification of the participant, allowing him to observe an entire entish mating dance in the form of a petroglyph inscribed upon a cliff or other large, flat surface. (LR)
  91. Zwibli's Schweinmenschen und Vogelfrauleinen - a short volume on defensive polymorphication and the determination of compatible animal forms for opponents.
  92. Ariog od Tamakau's The Way of All Flesh - a grossly padded and voluble volume detailing magics for the creation of flesh golems and electrick zombies.
  93. Sambana's Swordes of Soursery - a fascinating volume on all the different magical swords you will never possess as well as a recipe for crafting a sword +1½.
  94. Elrick's of Yon Coult of de Blaue Oeyster - a treatise on planeswalking, limbo, black blades and the summoning of coultosauroses.
  95. Historie of Daemons & Wizards, an Illustrated Compendium - a guide to different daemon summoners and what happened to them, also includes a do-it-yourself summoning ritual. Guaranteed safe or your money backe.
  96. De Waggone Withoute Horses - a story by the half-mad wizard Necropius dealing with time-travel and meeting the "ghost in the shell".
  97. Visshalt's Kompendium Delique Portee - a tome on the portals into the fae realms and certain fae spells.
  98. Oeilburforse's Vilis a Levioribus Tractandis Hora Prandii - dealing with rapid and effective spells against liches as well as magic to keep dinner warm while you go adventuring.
  99. Oot's Giokando Per Vintere - a tome of wine magic and how to regularly win while gambling, forbidden in most casinos.
  100. Piniped's Eminently Useful Tome - a magical tome of numerous spells for dealing with poisons, digestive issues and other similar afflictions. Comes with fifty magically replenishing empty, thin, soft sheets of paper in the back of the book.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Hydra

Because the Hackslashmaster has a fascinating article on the Ecology of the Hydra, I realized there was a little bit of lore I had forgotten to contribute. Hydras are the fantasy universes pre-eminent bankers, since their heads and profits always grow back, even if they have to take a cut to their portfolios.

Generally, I have to admit the crowd-sourced Ecology series of posts is absolutely fascinating and a gold mine of ideas for the lazy dungeon master. I think collating them into a nice couple of .pdf files would be pretty cool. Nudge, nudge.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

100 Magical Prosthetic Items

I love PCs who suffer through all the indignities the dice and the players heap on them, heroes who stick their hands into odd cavities in the wall groping for gold, heroes that walk into a gelatinous cube, heroes blinded by powerful magics, and so forth and so forth. However, in the traditional game, the only two items for handicapped heroes are the Eye and Hand of Vecna, both pretty much chaotic.

I started this as a thread on G+, but I guess I don't have enough of a network yet, so at this point I can only thank Gil Hayes and Courtney Campbell for their inputs.

I hope this list of "fun" and "entertaining" items makes it easier for DMs to levy the penultimate bodily sacrifice on their PC murderhobos and I would be glad to hear of anybody's experiences with them in game. I've tried to make the items pretty much system neutral and usable in any more-or-less D&D game that is not too obsessed with game balance and other similar silly conceits.

Without further ado, get your d100 on ...

1. the Hollow Finger of Safnut - a needle tipped finger prosthesis that can be filled with venom ... or even a healing potion, I guess.
2. the Tin Ear of Hearing - a horn shaped item that can replace an ear, though it may look strange, it actually allows it's wearer to hear through doors slightly better (+2).
3. the Red Hand of Baaz – a hand forged and fired of red clay, it fuses with the bearer’s stump and while reducing dexterity somewhat, it does provide immense strength and can be used as a club in its own right.
4. the Silver Tongue of Melliflor – a magical tongue forged of a bound quicksilver elemental, it gives its owner preternatural oral dexterity as well as a mellifluous tone of voice (+1 charisma checks). A dispel magic spell cast upon the owner has a chance of melting the tongue and may poison the owner with quicksilver.
5. the Iron Skull of Zog – replacing a crushed skull, the iron skull of Zog protects the puny human brain from damage (reducing damage from critical hits) and increasing intelligence, though at the cost of becoming less human (reduces wisdom) and charismatic.
6. the Dentures of Despair – forged from the teeth of werewolves, these snarling teeth meld into the mouth of their owner granting regenerative abilities when fresh, raw flesh is eaten.
7. the Steel Teeth of Bondage – crafted from a fallen star, so say some sages, these metal chompers screw deep into the owner’s gums and besides providing a serious bite attack (1d4) also increase the potency of earth and metal related spells (up to DM how exactly).
8. the Cork Foot of Samaranth – of finely wrought cork, while very vulnerable to fire and slashing damage, this enchanted foot is also linked to the elemental plains of air and water, granting feather fall once per day and allowing it’s owner to swim at base speed.
9. the Skull Heart – crafted from the brainpan of the skull of the lich Azhgodda the Grim, this horrific item latches onto exposed arteries and veins. It can even bring the dead to life! Once inside the body of its owner, it grants protection from necrotic spells, though some owners have claimed to find themselves occasionally hearing wicked voices and feeling an urge to perform foul deeds.
10. the Hook of Horrors – a blasphemously thorned hook of black metal that affixes to a stump, whispers say that the hook can rend the very fabric of reality, summoning powerful illusory horrors to plague the enemies of the bearer.
11. the Eye of Amber – an eyeball carved of amber, it is said to grant the wearer the power to see and walk through flames unscathed.
12. the Phallus of the Salubrious Deity – ensorcelled, carved and runed of the heartwood of the ebon tree, it is said to improve the stamina and constitution of its bearer as well as providing great skill in the marital arts. Alas, sterility tends to befall the bearer of the phallus.
13. the Blue Hand of Ashtoth – a dead, cold, frozen hand, the last remnant of the demigod Ashtoth, it is reputed to have the power to bring ashes back to life temporarily and kindle long dead flames, showing visions of a past that is forever gone. Bearers have been said to sooner or later succumb to a vast melancholy and expire bitter and alone.
14. the Leg of Silver – a shimmering leg, reputed to be cut from the body of one of the Angelic Protectors of the Lord of Light, it grants increased armour and stamina (+1 AC and +2 Con) to the wearer, but makes swimming very difficult (-5 to swimming).
15. the Brazen Organ of the Dwarves – a strange flowing, shifting organ that can replace the function of liver, kidneys, pancreas and bladder. The bearer of the organ gains great poison and alcohol resistance, though some bearers have been accused of unusual amounts of voluble flatulence, which may make sneaking difficult.
16. the Diamond Eye of Death - a glittering gem that grants its wearer the ability to see dead people (and invisible ghosts) as well as, once per day, to assume a "gentle repose" while remaining aware of his surroundings (a useful ability, when you have a glinting diamond stuck in your apparently-dead skull)
17. the Tanned Skin of the Tsyogguyagh - made from the foreskin of the dead demon lord of the Forest of Flaming Fools and master of the Legion of the Raving Damned, this circle of parchment set in a golden circlet will expand to cover all of the recipient's damaged skin. The new skin is hard, leathery, flickering between red and black and grants a +1 bonus to AC (or +2 AC if the entire body is covered in demonic skin). It also slowly but surely makes the recipient chaotic. There is a small chance each year that someone wearing the skin of Tsyogguyagh actually turns into a reincarnation of that demon.
18. the Arm of Blades - a horrific amalgam of coppery thews and razor tipped bone blades, torn from some unknown demon corrupted beast, this arm provides a vicious unarmed attack (1d8) and great strength (+2), but decreases the wearer's dexterity and wisdom, occasionally drawing them into a berserk bloodlust.
19. the Blue Eye of Endless Skies and Hope - a gorgeous, deep blue gem that fills the bearer with hope in the goodness of the world, providing a bonus to saving throws against spells and chaos. Additionally, once per day, the wearer can look into the soul of a creature and speak to their hopes and dreams, granting a +3 bonus to reaction rolls.
20. The Golden Hand. When found appears as a fist made of Gold but when held to the stump of a wrist it attaches and magically functions as a normal hand except All actions performed using this hand are +1. (Gil Hayes)
21. the Hollow Boots of Laelapith – when found these striking scarlet leather thigh boots with brass and silver thread piping and gleaming jade spurs seem perfectly ordinary, if a mite tacky. However, when worn, the wearer’s legs will slowly dissolve until the boots merge with his body. The process is excruciating and lasts 1d4 days and permanently reduces total hit points by 1d6. The boots will also attach to the flesh of one who’s own legs have already been amputated, in this case there is no pain or hit point loss. Once worn, the hollow boots grant the wearer boundless endurance for walking or running (no fatigue) as well as incredible strength when jumping (+4).
22. the Hand of the Eye of the Cackling Horde – a seven-fingered hand of brass, silver and malachite, this eerie artefact attaches with tubing and pins to a stump of a wrist and provides the wearer with unusual dexterity (+1). In the palm of the hand is a malevolent red and gold eye, through which the wearer can also look. The eye may be cast the evil eye (curse) once per day.
23. the Arm of Bone – crafted by the Order of Helpful Necromancers, this bone arm may be grafted to an exposed bone stump with a simple mending spell, thereafter the arm and hand provides almost full functionality to the user. A sense of touch, pain or heat is obviously absent. Some bone arms are said to increase vulnerability to necrotic magic, while others increase resistance (50%/50%).
24. the Ivory Nose – a gleaming, polished nose, hooked like the beak of a bird of prey, this magical nose sharpens the sense of smell of the wearer, granting a +3 bonus where applicable.
25. the Painted Porcelain Mask – when placed upon a face, this mask melts into the very bone, giving a smooth, flawless face and features, moving eyelids and somewhat mobile lips. The wearer of the face can change the colour and decoration of the face at will.
26. the Stomach of Steel – an elemental furnace covered in etched runes, this magnificent item requires the casting of a heal and restoration spell to implant in a character’s body. Thereafter the character is immune to ingested poisons and can derive sustenance from any organic substance. A rare few (10%) stomachs of this sort allow the ingestion of inorganic substances as well, while some are rumoured to come with an additional mouth, which may be implanted in the stomach of the recipient.
27. the Hooves of the Black Satyr – though they may look at first glance like rumpled barbarian footwear, these are actually the magically treated feet of the infamous fae black satyr of the Cornelian woods. Placed upon the stumps of legs or feet, they will grow into goat’s hooves, restoring mobility and providing incredible balance on rough and rocky surfaces (+3 bonus to keep balance).
28. the Paper Brain of Panthello – a ridiculously intricate scroll scribed simultaneously on seventeen planes by fourty-nine paratemporal incarnations of the mage Panthello, this scroll can restore the intellect of one who’s mind (intelligence) has been destroyed or drained. However, the process is not perfect and there a good chance that the recipient will lose some of his humanity, losing 1d4-2 Wisdom and Charisma.
29. the Leg of Stone and Bone – crafted of the bones of a great runner and the living stones of the elemental plane of Earth, wrested from the marrow of the son of the elemental lord Skaalthek, this leg can replace a lost limb. It restores full functionality and imparts some of the strength of the earth, granting a permanent bonus of 1d4 hit points. However, the recipient of the limb loses his strength when not in touch with the earth, either on water or in the air, suffering a -2 penalty to Strength and Dexterity as a result.
30. the Crimson Eye of Kings – a glittering eye stolen from the face of the Demon Prince Chursth himself, this chaotic eye increases the casting level of the wearer by 1, changes his alignment to Chaotic and grants a 1d4 bonus to Charisma. If the wearer is not a spell caster, he gains the ability to cast a single spell as a first level caster. The wearer may also become plagued by the minions of Chursth, seeking their master’s eye.
31. the Limbs of the Flesh Golem – stitched from corpses, wired with electrum and platinum, powered by the temporal lightning storms of the Chaos voids, this full set of arms and legs was an attempt by the Stone Wizard of Firyan to make a warrior of his crippled son. The limbs granted great strength indeed (+2 Strength), but they also clouded his mind (-1 Wisdom) and in battle a bloodlust would descend upon his son each time, requiring a save to stop fighting (a save may be made each round, if there are no foes left, the wearer of the limbs attacks his nearest ally or neutral party).
32. the Oaken Spine – a spine carved from the heart of a sapient oak, it sinks into the flesh of the recipient, replacing the original organ and restoring mobility. The recipient gains 1 Constitution but loses 1 Dexterity. Some (37%) of oaken spines allow the casting of bark skin once per day.
33. the Crawling Chair of Kuyothyo – a magnificently weird and tormented construct of wood, bone, sinew and coiling brazen tubes, animated as a golem would be by a bound elemental. The chair of Kuyothyo holds its occupant safely fixed from the waist down and provides mobility with its six crab-like legs. The occupant gains +2 AC while in the chair and a trample attack that does 1d8 damage, however, climbing and swimming in the chair is quite impossible.
34. the Centaur of the Steam Lord – resembling the headless body of a horse fashioned of malachite and lapis, with muscles of straining cyan flesh and bones of an odd azure metal, this magical construct bonds to the lower body of a recipient, effectively turning him into a kind of magical centaur. The character becomes large, gains 10 hp while in the body and a +1 to AC. However, dungeon crawling may become more difficult.
35. the Leg of Peg the Pirate Gnome – at first it may seem to be a simple peg leg of polished cherry wood with electrum banding, but it’s cunning gnomic manufacture conceals a functioning knee joint, providing full mobility, a spring activated blade in the foot and a small crossbow above the knee, as well as a small chamber for concealing valuables.
36. the Mandible of the Metal Warrior – a large mandible of burnished steel traced with red copper scroll-work, it repairs a broken jaw and grants the wearer a fearsome shout that sets enemies quaking in their britches (once a day, shout of fear).
37. the Hand of Knives – a mechanical hand of glass and brass, with steel switchblades in every finger, it grants an unarmed attack dealing 1d6 damage.
38. the Glass Foot of the Dancing Jester – a glass foot of shimmering rainbow colours that melds seamlessly into the stump of a leg, granting full mobility and great skill at dancing and tumbling (+4).
39. the Egg of Malvox the Tentacular – not so much a prosthesis as potentially an additional limb, implanted into the flesh, the egg grows into a semi-sentient prehensile tentacle, which may in a pinch double as a replacement hand. It shifts the bearer’s alignment to Chaotic and may in theory provide a third weapon attack after some practice. The tentacle can only be removed with bloody butchery and restoration magics, even then there is a chance of Constitution loss (save or lose 1 point).
40. the Sword Arm of Ariog – an arm of mauve flesh and damascened steel ending in a short but wickedly sharp runed blade strong enough to cut through bronze or iron, it welds itself to the recipient when placed to a stump. The sword deals 1d6 points of damage and ignores damage reduction. Over a matter of days (2d4) the recipient also becomes fully proficient in the weapon, if the recipient was already proficient in short swords, he gains a +1 bonus to hit with such weapons.
41. the Gun Stump of the Clockwork Clan – a functional peg leg that allows more or less normal mobility (though it does impair dexterity, -1), this brass foot can also fire lead or silver projectiles as from a shotgun or blunderbuss at nearby enemies. It deals 1d10 damage and when shooting the owner of the gun cannot move (it is a full round action). When depleted, the magical gun creates its own ammunition at the rate of 1d3 bullets per day. It can hold up to 8 bullets.
42. the Dark Glasses of Sahrut – a pair of silver rimmed pitch black crystal glasses, they grant infravision to any blind person setting them on their nose. Any character with functioning eyes wearing the glasses must save or have his eyes burned out of his skull by the magic of the dark glasses.
43. the Copper Lung of Chnathnoth – a complex copper apparatus interwoven with glass tubes filled with something much like blood, the apparatus is activated with a sequence of buttons and when placed on the chest of a victim (or recipient) it burrows into his chest. There is a chance that this procedure kills the recipient (save or die), however, when successfully implanted the copper lung allows the recipient to breath water as well as very thin air, it also provides great resistance to air borne pathogens and toxins (+5 to save).
44. the Spores of Neukrath the Arboreal – brilliant pink spores in a crystal box chased with hypnogogic runes, the spores can restore mobility to a paralyzed creature. However, there is a chance that they will continue the transformation of the subject as planned by Neukrath. Each month the inhaler of the spores must save or gain 1 Dexterity and lose 1 Intelligence and Wisdom. Eventually, the spore infected individual becomes a vastly fast and deadly automaton controlled by its caster. A shame that Neukrath is long dead, which means that the individual becomes effectively an unwilled biological monstrosity, driven by base impulses of hunger and need. The transformation can be halted by the regular weekly application of delay or neutralize poison spells.
45. the Ceramic Chest of Thoos – what at first appears to be a simple cuirass is in fact an incredibly powerful automatic healing suit, which can restore a dead creature to life and keep it alive. The ceramic chest sends out feelers of glistening metal tubing, which intertwine with the recipients own body. Ceramic platelets and wires spread under the skin, resulting in a body that is faster and stronger than before. Removal of the ceramic chest always results in the death of the recipient and the character can thereafter only wear customized armour, due to his altered body shape. The ceramic chest grants +4 AC, +1 Strength and Dexterity. However, the wearer also becomes very vulnerable to electric spells and effects, always taking double damage from that source.
46. the Feet of Clay – a set of clay feet, which attach to the leg stumps, providing immense stability (+4 to saves against being knocked down) as well as the ability to walk on mud or quicksand without sinking in.
47. the Third Eye of the Weeping Wasp – a black multi-faceted gem that implants itself into a character’s forehead, allowing sight into the astral plane, an immunity to most illusions and increases the potency of mind-affecting spells (+1 caster level). Blind characters also regain a semblance of their former sight, though faceted as with an insect (requiring 1d4 days to adjust to it). However, the alien nature of the eye also reduces the character’s constitution by 1 and the skin around the eye is thereafter constantly beaded with a cold sweat.
48. the Lithe Legs of the Leaping Leopard – a set of legs in light metal and cords of artificial flesh sheathed in leopard print synthetic furs, these legs restore mobility and actually increase running speed.
49. the Circlet of the Phantom Limb – a magical circlet of interwoven red and yellow gold studded with amethysts and emeralds (garish!), it sinks into the skull of the wearer and allows them to project an ectoplasmic limb in place of the missing one. While the wearer is conscious, he has full use of that limb as well as the ability to attack as with a chilling grasp with that limb. However, after being unconscious or asleep, it takes 1d4 rounds for the wearer to reform his ectoplasmic limb. Being knocked unconscious in battle is thus not fun anymore.
50. Eyeballs of reversed vision: they go in your eyes, but you can only see what's behind you. (Courtney Campbell)
51. Hand of the nefarious. Replaces lost hand. Often causes you to hold your genitalia for comfort. +15% to any thief abilities using that hand. (Courtney Campbell)
52. Pneumatic arm. Powered by coal. 18/00 strength (+3 to hit/+6 to damage) with that arm when fueled. (Courtney Campbell)
53. Platinum skull of Peticartia: grants +3 intelligence and immortality. Skull replacement procedure is nearly always fatal. (Courtney Campbell)
54. The Red Hand of the White Cross - an artificial seventeen-fingered hand of steel and red enamel, with multiple specialized fingers, including blades, corkscrews, clippers, pliers, saws, bottle openers, toothpicks, needles and much more. Not that great for combat (-1 to attacks), but incredibly handy in most other situations (up to +20% bonus to thief skills, disable traps, pick locks, open tins ...).
55. Hand of the lithographer: brass hand with golden inlay, each finger is a brush pen. Can copy manuscripts in 1/10 the normal time all hands writing at once. Can write multiple different threads at once. Can copy art nearly flawlessly. Spells take up half space in spell books. Effecency reduces spell preparation time by 25%. Double efficacy forgery skill. (Courtney Campbell)
56. the Hand of the Piper of the Gates of Doom - a hand of some odd, smooth and oily metal, it resembles at first glance a simple and functional bronze hand. However, on command, the fingers split into up to sixty-five individual, extendable appendages, which allow one to play keyboard and reed instruments with astonishing accuracy and precision. Gain a +5 bonus to musical skills and allows the owner to cast Charm Person as a caster of his level with any sufficiently complex instrument.
57. The Steel toe of Vorki the ogre. Vibrates when near hollow spaces. Slowly causes bloodlust and weight/height gain among people who use it. (+3 lb. a week, +1" month) (Courtney Campbell)
58. the Crystal Tooth of the Fae King – a tooth of pure crystal, glowing with an eerie greenish light, this single tooth grows and expands in the mouth of the individual, restoring all teeth lost to age, disease or trauma. It allows the bearer to fade from the consciousness of other beings twice a day, giving a +10 bonus to hiding and sneaking attempts.
59. The lips of Gorvandi Oniova - Adds a bonus to bluffs and lies, even against magical effects, but you must make a will save around members of the opposite sex with a charisma of greater than 13 to avoid attempting to seduce them. (Courtney Campbell) 
60. the Glimmering Heel of Antikeles - a heel of purest gold inlaid with seven gems of seven colours, the heel is completely immune to any damage or physical effects whatsoever. Unfortunately, it has no other special abilities.
61. The Kneecap of the Elder - Replaces a smashed knee. Has only two benefits. If you lose your lower leg also, anything can be attached to the stump. And it hurts like hell when it's going to rain. (Courtney Campbell)
62. The Coccyx of the Colourful Cobra - replaces a lost coccyx and repairs all damage to the the glutes. Over a period of 1d6 days the recipient begins to feel strong and healthy, permanently gaining 1d8 hp and +1 Strength. Over the next 3d6 days a large cobra tail begins growing from the recipients posterior, eventually terminating in a rattle, which can be used to create bardic music. Thereafter the recipient has to save against polymorph on every full moon or his legs wither and drop off, leaving him with the lower body of a colourful cobra.
63. The Bellybutton of Fashim - Gaze into it for 10 minutes and receive the benefit of either augury or clairvoyance. Causes opium addiction. (Courtney Campbell)
64. The Clockwork Eye of the Seer - the eye permanently sees slightly into the future. For the first 1d8 days after implantation, the recipient is horribly disoriented. Thereafter he gains a +1 bonus to initiative, AC and attacks. The character also becomes a sardonic, snooty wise-ass, unless he manages a save vs. spell.
65. the Bladed Shoulder Blades of Bandai ipn Ukrai - two linked, rainbow coloured metallic shoulder blades, which burrowsinto the back of a recipient, restoring full use of an arm, potentially regrowing an entire limb, though the skin is then covered with tiny twinkling metallic gems in many colours. On command, the recipient can suddenly grow two fans of blades out of his back, which allow the character to glide as if under a featherfall spell. Summoning the blades causes 1d8 damage to the character and 2d8 damage to all creatures standing behind the character.
66. the Accursed Finger of Sadim the Avaricious - a tarnished silver finger, it restores full function to a lost digit. Additionally, once per day the digit transmutes 1d6 pounds of organic matter touched into tin (10%), copper (30%), silver (40%), electrum (10%) or gold (10%) (determine material randomly). If the bearer of the finger does not transmute something by choice, then a random organic object touched by the bearer of the finger is transmuted. If a glove is worn to prevent this curse, it is transmuted along with 1d6-1 pounds of the bearer's own arm. Every day that the bearer does not transmute something, there is a 13% chance that he will in his forgetfulness scratch his nose or ears and transmute his own head, killing himself instantly.
67. the Three Feet of Babu Yagu - chicken like feet, if even one foot is attached to a stump, the character undergoes a 3 week long transformation before eventually becoming a creature with three scaled and feathered bird like legs. The character's speed and Dexterity are increased and they gain a fear attack.
68. the Hollow Gauntlet of the Dark Night - a heavy metal gauntlet redolent with spikes and prone to oozing a dark, coppery ichor. Eventually dark veins grow from the gauntlet, linking it irrevocably to the wearer's body and slowly shrivelling the hand inside (unless attached to a stump). The character's arm grows much more powerful and almost invulnerable (cannot be severed). The character gains +1 AC and a +3 to hit and damage with single-handed blunt weapons wielded with that hand.
69. the Toupee of Terror - covering your bald spot has never been easier! This magical toupee bonds permanently with the scalp and on command (and on full moons) the character's hair turns into writhing, life-leeching tentacles (once per day, save or lose one level, counts as a touch attack. Automatic against helpless enemies).
70. the Wig of Warmth - a massive, gorgeous, lush, lustrous mane of hair (think 1980s glam metal ...), it also heals all scalp irritations, removes dandruff, provides +1 to saves vs. poison and on command the mane grows and expands to such a degree that the wearer can wrap himself in his own hair and remain warm even in freezing conditions. The lustrous mane never becomes greasy or dirty. The character may become more susceptible to fire attacks, however ...
71. the Left Hand of Darkness - a withered hand  that restores some functionality to an amputated limb and gives the wearer the ability to cast light and summon small flames at will.
72. the Wheelchair of the Barbarian Lord Kronkur - crafted by the semi-divine clocksmith of the dwarves, Urbust the Grim and enchanted with an entrapped iron golem, the wheelchair offered Kronkur a way to stay active and mobile on a battlefield even after he lost both legs and three feet of his intestines to the Vile Beast of Thunyakkyi. Essentially, it is a personal powered mobile battle wagon with blade attachments, small imp-powered brass band with amplifiers  and space to store up to fifteen gallons of wine and one roast hog. The occupant of the wheelchair can move as fast as a horse (though with greater penalties in rough terrain) and can use the mounted blades to carry out a drive-by-cutting-attack dealing 1d12 damage.
73. the Tensorial Harness of the Floating Cultist - an ornate belt of silver, amethysts and lapiz with waving, frond-copper wires that snake to embrace the entire body of the wearer. The harness suspends the wearer between 2 inches and 2 feet off the ground and lets him levitate as though affected by a personal Floating Lenticular Object Spell of the Tense Wizard. Developed by the obscenely fat and gout ridden Grand High Cultmaster of the Sharkonian Faith. Some models also come with advanced Falling Feather Shock Damper spells, which prevent the wearer hurting himself if pushed off a cliff or thrown into a wall.
74. the Hands of Demons and Wizards – a pair of hands, one of crimson metal and silver cords, the other silver scaled with crimson silk bands. One hand grants a +2 bonus to all d20 rolls against demons, the other hand grants +2 caster levels whenever the bearer attempts any demon-related magic (summoning, binding, dismissal, etc.). If both hands are worn the caster gains +2 Intelligence and Wisdom and may, once per day, summon a demon mount.
75. the Ears of the Heart – a pair of gleaming golden ears festooned with emeralds and rubies, the ears restore hearing as well as allowing the bearer to detect lies and listen to the hearts of those he speaks with, being able to discern their deepest desire in their voices after 1d8 rounds of talking with them.
76. the Cat’s Feet – a pair of large, leonine feet. When attached to foot stumps, they grow and meld into the recipient’s flesh, increasing height (1”) and speed (+3’) as well as allowing the wearer to pad along silently as a large, flesh-hungry cat (+4 to stealth).
77. the Face of Fear – a mask of burned wood and tangled metal thorns, it restores vision, hearing and speech to someone with terrible facial injuries. However, the recipient forever after sounds like an asthmatic and can project a cone of fear thrice a day.
78. the Feasting Hand of Monoth – the hand of Monoth is a tangled, six-fingered creation of flesh and gleaming copper. In the middle of the palm is a hungering maw. When the hand is sated, the recipient gains +2 Constitution, however, each day that the hand does not feed on still-living flesh, the recipient loses 1 pt of Constitution to a minimum of -5. When the hand of Monoth is very hungry (i.e. at -5 Con) it continually moans and gibbers, slavering for more flesh to slake its unholy hunger.
79. the Iron Boot of the Lawful Tyrant – a hollow iron boot that can replace a missing foot. The boot clangs and rattles menacingly, making stealth very difficult (-3 to sneaking around). The bearer of the boot becomes Lawful and unyielding, gaining a +5 bonus to saves vs. fear and morale checks. Furthermore, whenever the wearer of the boot executes a law-breaker, he gains 5 temporary hit points for 12 hours as the power of the Lords of Law flows through him.
80. the Wooden Foot of the Woods – at first glance it seems a simple wooden foot, however, on command the foot rapidly grows into a mighty oak encompassing the wearer and allowing him to effectively stay rooted and living slowly as an oak for as long as he wishes. Obviously, this presents camouflage opportunities in woodlands.
81. the Wholesome Hand of Aghasthes – the relic of an ancient healer, this mummified hand is bone-white and festooned with golden and crimson rings. Whoever bears this hand becomes Lawful and gains the power to lay on hands, healing his level (or Wisdom, whichever is higher) hitpoints per day simply by touching a creature. Furthermore, thrice per day the bearer may heal a leper, a withered limb, blindness, deafness or a chronic disease. Once a week the bearer may cure an addiction or a communicable disease. Once a month and a day the bearer may restore life to someone newly slain.
82. the Angelic Skin of the Dancer of Desires – a Chaotic relic formed by the demon-possessed sorcerer-king Nurakotchka of Turalia from the flawless skin of the semi-divine Ilyana sent from the heavens above to turn him from Chaos. The skin drapes itself over a recipient’s own skin, restoring a semblance of youth, vigour, health and vitality. The skin grants a +4 bonus to Charisma, but the evil nature of its origin makes the wearer Chaotic and prone to bouts of sadistic violence. Save once per week or begin feeling the urge to, well, sadistically violate some innocent or other. Every day after failing the save, the character suffers a -1 penalty Wisdom, unless he performs some vile deed. When a character’s Wisdom reaches 3, he skulks off into the night, returning bloody and restored in the morning.
83. the Hand of the Master of Puppets – a simple, articulated wooden hand, crafted of thirty-three different rare woods and inlaid with mother of pearl. This hand increases the caster level of all mind-affecting enchantments by 5 and allows the caster to cast charm person once per day as a 13th level caster.
84. the Liver of the Bringer of Fire – a small piece of the holy liver. Swallowed by any character with internal injuries eventually grows and expands into a divine organ, which can (given time) replace the functions of liver, stomach and gut. The character becomes completely immune to alcohol, gains a +7 bonus to saves vs. poisons and a +1 bonus to saves vs. fire and the ability to regenerate 1 hit point per hour in addition to any normal healing. However, the character takes double damage from all birds and avian creatures.
85. the Green Thumb – a thumb carved of green wood, it melds seamlessly with the flesh of the recipient (it is also possible to end up with six fingers on a hand because of this). The thumb improves the gardening abilities of the recipient (+4) and allows the bearer of the thumb to remove blights and pests in a fifty foot radius once per day.
86. the Helm of Life Returning – a heavy, permanently visored helm of black enamelled steel with golden filigree, when placed upon a headless body writhing black wisps of life-essence are drawn from the surrounding area, killing all plants within 10 feet and dealing 1d6 hp damage to living creatures in the same radius. The stolen life essence then binds the spirit of the deceased to the helm and the reanimated body, allowing the slain hero to “remain” on the material plane. The helm provides a +2 bonus to saving throws against necromantic magic and a +1 bonus to AC. However, if a severed head is not present, the reanimated character suffers a -2 Intelligence penalty. If the head is found later, it may be “ingested” by the helm through the visor (this may involve prior crushing and mixing into a paste, to allow access through the narrow visor slit).
87. the Troll-blood Arm – a greenish limb studded with metal tubing and canisters, infused with trollish blood, which allows it to attach to a limb stump. The limb increases the strength of the recipient (+1 Strength) and increases the speed of healing (+1d8 hp healed per day), however, it also conveys greater vulnerability to fire and acid.
88. the Yellow Emerald Eye of Fire – an eye that restores vision to the blind, albeit with a yellow tint. Additionally, the bearer of the eye may roll a missile attack each round with a magical missile that deals 1d4 + Wisdom modifier damage.
89. the Heart of Stone – a stone heart of pure jaspis studded with rubies, when inserted into the chest cavity of a dead body (or someone with a failing heart) it restores that body to full functionality. The heart of stone makes its bearer more level-headed and unflappable, giving a +3 to stability checks and a +1 to missile attacks, however, the cold grimness of the bearer makes him less charismatic (-1 Charisma).
90. the Golden Body of Saint Porphyrophagus – what at first glance appears to be simply a golden golem turns out on closer inspection to be a full-body prosthesis. A fresh brain inserted into the chest of the body is bathed in soothing healing and sleep magics before being skewered by seventeen thousand time seventeen thousand golden needles, connecting it fully to the body. There is a 20% chance that this procedure drives the brain completely insane. Thereafter the brain has a new body, which functions like a normal human body, save that it is faster, stronger, more resilient and more dextrous (+2 Strength, Constitution, Dexterity and AC). Also, it’s shiny and seems to be made of gold.
91. the Many-Chambered Limbs of Thringol Bottomless – a simple prosthesis of wood and porcelain, lightly enchanted to provide full mobility, the prosthesis actually hides several small pouches of holding. A hand can hold up to 55 pounds in its pouch, an arm up to 300 pounds in three separate pouches, while a leg can hold up to 666 pounds in six pouches (though two are very hard to reach).
92. the Leaking Eye of Naag Foeg Doggum – an ever-tearing orb of pale blue stone, whoever bears it suffers constantly the pain of seeing everything as it truly is, imposing a penalty of -1 to all d20 rolls. However, the bearer of the Eye is affected by a constant true-seeing spell and can see into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums, as well as a short distance into the past.
93. the Throat of Gold – a golden flute-shaped object that, when inserted into the mouth, flows to replace the throat, oesophagus and voice-box of the individual, granting a magical vocal range and protection against fine particulates. The bearer of the throat of gold gains +2 Charisma and a +4 bonus to singing.
94. the Missing Rib of the First Man – a simple ivory rib that, when stabbed into a man’s body flows back to its “original” position, restoring the man to the supposed “perfection” of the hermaphroditic totality before the fall from grace and the expulsion from the original world-garden. The hermaphroditic bearer of the rib is capable of parthenogenesis and gains a +1 bonus to all ability scores due to his alien “perfection”. The rib also restores all broken, degenerated or missing limbs to the original seven-toed and seven-fingered ideal (the easier to count days of the week with).
95. the Living Beard of the Diamond Dwarf – a prosthesis for those poor dwarves who have lost their beards, it restores manhood and virility to the dwarf, grants a +1 bonus to AC and imparts mystical senses that detect all gold within 2 feet and grant a +6 bonus to brewing beer.
96. the Prosthetic Fangs of Niljhus Tabr – a pair of prosthetic fangs suitable for vampiric creatures who have been assaulted by do-gooding mobs and had their teeth pulled. The teeth restore blood drinking abilities. If implanted in a non-vampiric creature, the fangs make it Chaotic and allow it to drink blood in order to restore ability damage, drained levels and cure minor communicable diseases. Blood may only be drunk from a helpless creature, not in combat.
97. the Para-Phylactery of Psoedognostes – an obsidian dagger with a golden hilt, studded with five rubies and with a howling diamond embedded in its core, the para-phylactery grants almost-lichly survivability to a mortal. By plunging the obsidian dagger into one’s heart, the bearer links his life essence with it and gains 1 bonus spell slot of any level he likes. Thereafter, if he is ever slain, he may be returned to life if the dagger is used to kill another living creature, transferring its health (as well as all medical and magical conditions) to the original body. After the dagger is ritually embedded in a recipient’s heart it cannot be removed without killing him.
98. the Back of the Fallen Angel – a charred metallic backbone with waving silvery fronds, it can restore mobility to a fully paralyzed recipient. The process is slow and excruciating, as it grows into the recipient over 1d7 days and a Wisdom check is required or the recipient goes insane (87%) or is possessed by a daemonic alien intelligence (13%). If the ingrowth succeeds, the recipient gains damage reduction 5 against all non-holy physical weapons. Over a period of 1d3 weeks the bearer of the backbone sprouts beautiful black, feathered wings from his back, which allow him to fly like an avenging angel. The bearer of the back who also wields a hellsword gains a once-per-day level draining ability (on successful melee hit drains 1d4 hit dice), which restores his vitality (1d8 hp per hit die).
99. the Two Hands of the Metal God – two finely crafted hands, one of polished steel, the other of burnished bronze. The steel hand grants a +1 bonus to hit with melee weapons, the bronze hand grants +1 fire damage with melee weapons. Any bearer who possesses both hands gets a +6.66 bonus to playing the bass, guitar and drums.
100. the Feet of the Gentle Halfling – a pair of wooden feet, slightly covered with moss, which turn into real Halfling feet, sized to fit, when attached to the stumps of a recipient. The proud new owner of the new feet no longer needs to wear shoes, has fine fur on his feet, gains a +2 bonus to sneaking around quietly and a +1 bonus with thrown weapons.

300 Random Traits

When I run D&D games I usually simulate the class, race and other abilities of different characters by just having them roll on a massive table of traits. Perhaps I've just gotten tired of min-maxers? Anyhow, here are the 300 traits.

A bit of background: I use a version of Microlite74 for my games, so there are only three ability scores: STR, DEX and MIND. Further, I usually simply represent these scores with modifiers, so normal characters tend to have abilities ranging from -1 to +4. I also only use a single saving throw as a luck roll, set by default at 50%. Finally, source is a kind of mana that the heroes may utilize to perform feats and cast spells. To give a feel for the power level, characters tend to start with around 20-24 hitpoints, an AC of 10 to 15 and an attack bonus of +2 to +5. Also, magic is treated as an emanation of the Void and bringing Chaos into the world, so magic users are almost without exception tainted and corrupted by the spells they use, hence players who want to be truly heroic are advised to avoid bargaining with daemons for more power.

1 Jinxed -1 to all nearby creatures’ saving throws.
2 Plague-bearer +5 to saves vs. disease, on crit your enemies are nauseated and weakened (save).
3 Undying On death remain conscious and capable of slow movement and speech, but unable to heal. Probably also start rotting. May require clerical aid.
4 Bloody regenerator When reduced to ½ hp, gain regeneration 1/round until end of enc.
5 Necropotency +2 damage with necrotic attacks.
6 Ghost hunter +50% chance to hit all noncorporeal creatures.
7 Cold of the grave You also deal cold damage with unarmed attacks, DR cold 2.
8 Cold master +2 damage with cold attacks.
9 Zen Warrior May use MIND for melee combat.
10 Eater of Souls On enemy killed gain 4 hp until end of enc.
11 Poisoner All attacks may deal poison damage.
12 Zen Archer May use MIND for missile combat.
13 Father frost All attacks may deal cold damage.
14 Crippler On critical, enemy is slowed (save).
15 Vacuum hardened Can survive in vacuum due to significant nanonic … er, magick modifications.
16 Darkvision Can “see” about 20m in perfect darkness.
17 Servant of darkness +2 to all d20 rolls in darkness and -1 in daylight.
18 Soul stealer On enemy killed gain +2 to next roll of choice.
19 I am legion +1 damage to all attacks on enemy killed until end of enc.
20 Frenzied +2 damage when below ½ hp.
21 Hidden reserves Can keep functioning until -5 hp.
22 Bloodlust +1 all attacks vs. foes below ½ hp.
23 Inner beast +1 melee attack and damage when below ½ hp.
24 Acid lover +2 damage with Acid attacks.
25 Fire starter +2 damage with Fire attacks.
26 Vaccinated DR necrotic and biological 5. +2 saves vs. Disease.
27 Fury +2 to all attack rolls when below ½ hp.
28 Death dealer On enemy killed gain +4 to damage with next attack.
29 Fade into shadows +2 AC when in darkness, -1 to AC in bright light.
30 My blood is armor Gain DR 1 when below ½ hp.
31 Death hunger On enemy killed gain +1 to attack rolls until end of encounter.
32 Melee fanatic +2 to hit with melee attacks, -1 to hit with ranged and spells.
33 Lucky basterd Roll 1 extra save against an on-going effect 1/enc. (or per 10 rounds).
34 Electric lover +2 damage with electric attacks.
35 Sparklefingers Unarmed attacks may deal lightning damage, DR electric 2.
36 Tremorsense Can sense all movement on and in the ground in a 5m radius.
37 Blessed blighter Roll twice for first save of encounter, choose best result.
38 First blood Roll twice for first attack of encounter, choose best result.
39 Webbed limbs Swim speed equal to land speed.
40 Gill implants Can breathe water.
41 Artificial organism Not actually alive; don’t need to eat, drink, breathe or sleep.
42 Infraoptics Infravision.
43 Nimble dwarf You are smaller than normal. +2 DEX, -1 STR, use smaller weapons.
44 Big man You are bigger than normal, -1 DEX, +1 STR, can use bigger weapons.
45 Echolocator Can use echolocation, effectively have 20m darkvision.
46 Sniffer +4 bonus to skill checks when a sense of smell would help.
47 Shaggy fur Covered in fur, giving DR 1 and DR cold 3.
48 Augmented eyes Low-light vision, +1 bonus when searching, etc.
49 Reacher Have longer reach with melee weapons, gain +1 initiative.
50 Fast Faster than normal, +4 bonus to skill checks when this would help.
51 Tough +5 hp. Yes, a boring trait.
52 Fluid anatomy Save vs. critical hits to turn them into normal hits.
53 Deadhands Unarmed attacks may deal necrotic damage, DR necrotic 2.
54 Acid blood 1/encounter, when reduced to ½ hp blood splash deals 2d4 damage to all adjacent creatures.
55 Alien / Void thing An actual alien, +3 to Knowledge, +1 to attack with alien items.
56 Firehands Unarmed attacks may deal fire damage, gain DR fire 2.
57 Giant slayer +4 to AC and damage vs. Creatures significantly larger than you.
58 Lord of Hellfire +1 attack and damage with fire and psychic effects.
59 Spiderman +1 Physical skill, +5 bonus to climbing skill checks.
60 Blastmaster +2 attack with bursts and blasts (fireballs and flaming hands, for example).
61 Double-take Roll twice for initiative, pick best result.
62 Fire master Melee attacks may deal fire damage.
63 Ferocious brute On 0 hp make immediate attack with +4 to hit, then drop.
64 Armoured skin Slow (-4 penalty to skill checks when speed is required), gain 2 DR.
65 Chemoderm DR acid and chemical 5.
66 Thermoderm DR fire 5.
67 Insulated DR cold 5. It’s not just blubber!
68 Tireless You cannot be fatigued or weakened.
69 Kinaesthete DR force 5 and +1 AC vs. missile attacks.
70 EMP hardening DR electro-magnetic (lightning) 5.
71 Gut upgrade +5 to saves vs. poison, can digest semi-edible food ... like wood.
72 Squeezer Can reduce size and move bones to squeeze through narrow areas.
73 Acid master Melee attacks may deal acid damage.
74 Face-changer Rearrange features, +5 to skill checks when this comes in handy.
75 Demonic heritage +3 Communication skill, DR fire and acid 3. May know how to fiddle.
76 Winged Can fly, badly. Look like a total freak. -4 to skill checks when looks are an issue.
77 Prehensile tail Just what it says. Tail can hold things, be used to drink potions, etc. -3 to skill checks when looks are an issue.
78 Hermaphrodite Just what it says. Can change sex at will, takes about a day.
79 Clawed Unarmed attacks deal 1d6 damage, -3 to skill checks when looks are an issue.
80 Unblinking Literally constantly aware, +3 to Subterfuge. May be unnerving.
81 Bloodbather Gain +1 to all defences and saves vs. opponents below ½ hp.
82 Keep them away +2 to hit with ranged attacks, -1 to attack with melee and spells.
83 Earth eater Can feed on inorganic matter and derive sustenance.
84 Fast runner Faster when running or charging, +2 AC when running away.
85 Opportunist +2 to hit with opportunity & sneak attacks.
86 Load bearer Gain 8 bonus load slots.
87 Target painter Allies gain +1 to hit and damage vs. target you crit until end of enc.
88 Battering blows +2 damage with unarmed attacks
89 Charger +2 damage on charge, +5 to push, shove enemies.
90 Press forth On crit, gain free attack.
91 Little vampire When your attack hits regain 1 hp.
92 Spell master All magick attacks are high crit.
93 Critical master All melee attacks are high crit.
94 Head shooter All ranged attacks are high crit.
95 Thirst for battle +3 to initiative, +1 source point.
96 Critical spells Crit on 19-20 with magick attacks.
97 Ranged critter Crit on 19-20 with ranged attacks.
98 Stunner On crit enemy is stunned (save).
99 Bloody mess Crit on 19-20 with melee attacks.
100 Sexy Shoeless God of War You are small, you gain +2 DEX, +2 STR and +2 Initiative.
101 Bad luck and company 1s and 2s on a d20 count as critical fails, 19s and 20s count as critical successes.
102 Rising fury Every time an enemy hits you, gain a cumulative +1 to hit that enemy.
103 Attack is defence Any enemy you strike has a -2 penalty to hit you for one round.
104 Immobilizer On crit enemy is immobilized (save).
105 Martial freedom +5 to save vs. slow and immobilized.
106 Hardheaded +5 to save vs. stun and paralyze.
107 Poke the big’uns +1 to hit larger targets than self.
108 Team player +2 dmg when adjacent to an ally.
109 Cagey +2 AC vs. sneak attacks.
110 Unleashed anger +3 to melee attacks when below ½ hp.
111 Agile bugger You can generally attack an enemy and move away from it without provoking an attack of opportunity.
112 Lost among big’uns +2 AC when adjacent to 2+ larger enemies.
113 Knocker On crit enemy is knocked prone.
114 Ferocious +4 to attack and damage for one round after you crit.
115 Backstabber deal double damage against enemies that are completely unaware of you.
116 Sneakster plus DEX damage on sneak attack.
117 Scoundrel plus STR damage when you sneak attack.
118 Combat superiority +MIND to attack on opportunity attacks, target stopped on hit
119 Mindful defence May use MIND for AC bonus.
120 Strong mind May use STR for MD (Magic Defense).
121 Strong defence May use STR for AC.
122 Quick draw Draw weapon really fast, +2 initiative.
123 Painful advantage +3 dmg on opportunity attacks.
124 Improved initiative +4 to initiative.
125 Fast reflexes +2 to all opportunity attacks.
126 Spell slinger +2 to all magic attacks, -1 to melee and ranged attacks.
127 Better second wind #NAME?
128 Faster second wind Can use a point of Source during combat to recover ¼ hp as a full round action.
129 Stable +5 to saves vs. being knocked down or moved.
130 Educated +5 to skill of choice.
131 Can’t touch this +2 AC when surrounded by 3 or more enemies.
132 Swift charger Faster when charging, +2 to hit on charge.
133 Bloody lucky Once per encounter, lose 1d6 hp and make a save automatically.
134 Vitality +1 source point.
135 Combat leader Allies nearby gain +2 to initiative.
136 Alertness No CA when surprised, +2 to skill check when searching.
137 Hide from big’uns +5 Subterfuge against large opponents
138 Durable DR 1 against all elemental attacks.
139 Escape artist +3 specific skill bonus when being an escape artist.
140 Perseverance +1 to all saving throws.
141 Jack-of-All-trades +1 to all general skills.
142 Light step +3 specific skill bonus when trying to hide own tracks and traces.
143 Ranger +4 Survival.
144 Skill focus +5 to chosen specific skill.
145 Combat medic +2 Knowledge, +5 specific skill medic.
146 Group stealth +2 Subterfuge for self and adjacent allies.
147 Timely respite Do nothing for one round and roll a failed save again.
148 Bardic Skill +2 to 2 skills of choice & +2 to specific skill with one instrument (bongos?).
149 Trap sense +2 against everything traps can do that might require a d20 roll.
150 Jester of pain +3 to Subterfuge, +1 damage with sneak attacks.
151 Skill versatility +1 to all skills.
152 Soldier mage May use STR for magic combat.
153 Finger magic May use DEX for magic combat.
154 Paragon of defence +1 to AC and MD.
155 Quick recovery Gain double hp per source point when resting.
156 Wrathful valor +2 dmg when nearby ally is below ½ hp.
157 Indomitable +2 to MD and saves vs. dazed, dominated or stunned.
158 Unyielding +2 hp and +5 to saves vs. death.
159 Reflexive +1 to AC and +2 to saves vs. ongoing damage.
160 Oblivious of the end Do not fall unconscious for 1 round after reaching 0 hp.
161 Rangy mage Range of magic spells increased (areas of effect do not increase)
162 Xenoslayer +1 to attack vs. aliens and horrors, +2 when below ½ hp.
163 Fists of fear Unarmed attacks deal +2 damage and may count as psychic dmg.
164 Perfect balance You can balance on any narrow surface without a skill check.
165 Perfect life DR necrotic 10.
166 Tech expertise +2 attack with tech items (implements).
167 Group insight Gain +1 to Knowledge for every nearby ally (max +4).
168 Psycho +2 damage with psychic attacks.
169 Neural shell DR psychic 5, +2 to saves vs. enchantments.
170 Danger senses +2 initiative, +2 to AC vs. surprise attacks & traps.
171 Blithe +5 to saves vs. fear.
172 Minor precognition +MIND to AC vs. opportunity attacks and sneak attacks (or +1 if no bonus).
173 Toughminded +1 to MD, +5 to saves vs. charm.
174 Trance Sleep is optional. 4 hour extended rest.
175 Nimble of foot Ignore difficult terrain when walking.
176 Mild telepathy field +1 to your and nearby allies’ skill checks when searching.
177 Good vibrations +1 to your and nearby allies’ Communication skill.
178 Armor lover +2 Armor penalty reduction.
179 Aura of peace +2 Communication skill, +2 to saves vs. Fear within close radius.
180 Tree-hugger +2 to all rolls when close to trees, -1 to all rolls when no trees nearby.
181 Wood-monger +2 damage with wooden weapons.
182 Speed loader Load faster. Much faster. Just ignore loading times.
183 Marked by the light +1 to all defences vs. creatures of darkness and death.
184 The gods guide your hand +5 to attack with first attack of the encounter.
185 Potent blood Your blood is literally intoxicating, also gain +5 to saves vs. alcohol.
186 Eyes of clarity +3 to saves and defences vs. illusions.
187 Free spirit Cannot be charmed or dominated.
188 Distant advantage Can carry out ranged and area sneak attacks against unaware enemies.
189 Dextrous fighter May use DEX for melee combat damage.
190 Mr. Mind-melter +2 to mental influencing attacks, +2 to Communication.
191 Undying heart On death can use 2 source points to return to life with 1 hp.
192 Like a golem. You are hard-core. Literally. DR 1/magic.
193 Regenerator Can slowly regrow lost or damaged limbs.
194 Were heritage You can regenerate 1/silver.
195 Tower of power +1 STR and +10 hp.
196 Babel fish Universal translator and +2 to Communication skill.
197 Golden boy You are beautiful, the gods smile on you. +3 Communication skill, roll one extra save per encounter.
198 Major precognition +6 initiative, +3 AC vs. surprise attacks.
199 Infinite reserves Regain all Source every day at a set time.
200 Holy one Your magicks come from a real divine source and you can gain no taint. Can automatically pick one magick you know, if you do not have any.
201 Invigorating charge Gain 5 temporary hp if you boldly charge into combat.
202 Coop-cowardice Gain +1 to hit for every ally attacking the same enemy.
203 Deadly cowardice Gain +1 to dmg for every ally attacking the same enemy.
204 Eater of men Gain 1d6 temporary hit-points after eating human flesh.
205 Elongated teeth Can use a bite attack that deals 1d4 damage.
206 Prickly ears Gain +5 to skill checks when hearing plays a factor
207 Sharp bloodshot eyes Gain +5 to skill checks when vision plays a factor.
208 Lucky goblin Gain +2 to one d20 roll per encounter.
209 Thick skinned Gain +1 unarmoured AC and +2 to saves vs. mental effects.
210 Shield basher Gain +1 melee damage when you equip a shield.
211 Careful lurker Gain +2 to hit when you sneak attack.
212 Eyes bleed with… … the power. Gain +3 to your next d20 roll for each source point used.
213 Greedy goblin Once per session you may roll your d100 roll for loot twice.
214 Bad luck goblin You are infected with gremlins. Enemies that attack you save at -2.
215 Mudouflage When you have access to mud, gain +4 to Subterfuge.
216 Jugular jump Gain 19-20 crit threat range when you sneak attack.
217 Filth cloud 1/enc. when reduced to ½ hp, all adjacent creatures are weakened (save).
218 Knife friend Gain +1 to hit and +2 to Communication (intimidation) with knives.
219 Empty shell You have no soul. Any spells affecting souls fail against you. You cannot be raised if you die. Gain +5 bonus to saves vs. mental effects.
220 Slimy and squirmy Gain +2 to AC vs. grappling and a +2 bonus to all d20 rolls in tight spaces.
221 Quick goblin Gain +1 to AC against attacks with large and ranged weapons.
222 Daywalker Gain +2 to all d20 rolls in daylight, -1 to rolls in darkness.
223 Hidden decapitator All sneak attacks are high crit.
224 Holy hands Your unarmed attacks may deal holy damage, gain DR 2 holy.
225 Holy weapons Your melee attacks may deal holy damage.
226 Unholy filth Gain DR 5 holy.
227 Raymaker +2 to hit with magic rays.
228 Holy slayer +2 to damage with holy attacks.
229 Soul shell You gain +2 MD.
230 Saving shield Roll a save to turn a crit into a regular hit when using a shield.
231 Unforgiving +1 to hit and damage vs. enemies that have wounded you until end of enc.
232 Mage hunter +2 to damage vs. spell-casters.
233 Lightbringer Gain +2 to hit with holy and fire attacks.
234 Fishbreather +2 to all d20 rolls in or near water, -1 to in dry areas. Can breathe water for a short time.
235 Thunderer Your voice is a force weapon, deals 1d4 damage, close range.
236 Shield bearer Gain +1 to attacks with spears or short swords when using a shield.
237 Spartan Gain DR 1 when using a shield.
238 Killing rays +2 damage with rays.
239 Goliath Can wield 1 die larger two-handed weapons.
240 Faster shot Always win initiative if you are using a ranged weapon vs. casters or melee combatants.
241 Crossbow master +2 damage with crossbows.
242 Armour ripper All your melee attacks gain 1 damage penetration.
243 Long fingers Your fingers are grotesquely elongated, gain +3 to disable traps and locks and +1 to choke.
244 Skullbreaker +1 damage with all blunt weapons.
245 Longthrower Can throw throwing weapons farther.
246 Slasher +1 damage with all slashing weapons.
247 Wrestler +1 to hit, damage and AC when unarmed, unarmoured and oiled.
248 Poker +1 damage with all piercing weapons.
249 Horsemaster +1 AC when mounted.
250 Frikkin’ ninja When unarmoured gain +2 AC, +2 to hit, -2 to damage.
251 Chainmaster +1 to hit with chain weapons, +1 to AC in chain mail.
252 Flashy dresser +3 to Communication in non-combat threads, +1 MD if unarmoured.
253 Heterophobe +1 to hit opposite sex.
254 Homophobe +1 to hit same sex.
255 Moonwalker +1 to all d20 rolls when in moonlight.
256 Magical bard +1d4 to allies’ d20 rolls when playing music.
257 Fear sower On critical enemies are feared (save).
258 Quartermaster +1 to hit and damage with quarterstaff.
259 Horned Horns grow on your head, giving you a 1d4 head-butt attack.
260 Hoof-foot You have hoofed feet and +4 to endurance checks. May look strange.
261 Tripper +4 bonus to attempts to trip enemies.
262 Lancer +2 to hit with spears and lances when mounted.
263 Beloved of the Voids Do not have to roll saves when facing the void, +1 to psychic and necrotic attacks.
264 Shiny knight Gain +1 AC in full plate and +1 to hit with long sword and shield.
265 Daggers drawn Gain +1 to hit when using a dagger in your off-hand.
266 Robes like armour Gain +1 AC when wearing very wizardly robes
267 Armoured fist When wearing armour, increase die size for unarmed attacks.
268 Deadly daggers With small weapons deal +2 damage.
269 Urban adventurer +2 to d20 rolls in cities, -1 to rolls outside of cities.
270 Troll blood Gain regeneration 1/fire
271 Disciplined +1 to MD, +5 to saves vs. fear.
272 Blood of Power As a minor action, can exchange hp for a bonus to the next roll at a rate of 1:1.
273 Horse archer +2 to hit with ranged attacks when mounted.
274 Another ranger +3 to Survival, +1 to hit with bows.
275 Great archer Can use 1 die larger bows and crossbows.
276 Menacing An aura of menace surrounds you, gain +5 to Communication (intimidate) and +2 to attacks with fear spells.
277 MSc Dungeoneer +3 to all “dungeon-related” skill checks.
278 Duellist +2 to hit when facing an opponent 1 on 1.
279 Gaunt You are unnaturally gaunt, gaining +1 AC and -3 hp.
280 Paragon of virtue You are so ridiculously virtuous even shit won’t stick, +2 to saves, -2 to Communication skill (annoying).
281 Glutton You are huge. Almost Jabba the Hut huge. Gain +6 hp and -1 AC.
282 Proud You are awesome, but you know this too well. Gain +2 to one attack and one skill, and -1 to either AC or MD.
283 Envious Underhanded and devious, gain +3 to Subterfuge.
284 Lustful Gain +5 to Communication vs. the opposite sex.
285 Greedy Gain +10 to treasure rolls and -1 to Communication skill.
286 Wroth You have a short temper and are prone to violent rages. Gain +1 STR and -1 to MD.
287 Calculating +2 to Knowledge, +1 to hit with missile or spell attacks, -2 initiative.
288 Persistent On miss gain +1 to next attack.
289 Siren song +2 to hit with charm spells when you can use your voice.
290 Grand improviser +2 to hit and damage with improvised weapons. Like bar stools.
291 Dark elf ranger +2 to hit when using two identical slashing weapons (scimitars).
292 Motor-breath +2 to rolls with things that have engines, +3 to saves vs. alcohol.
293 Wand-waver +2 to attacks with wands.
294 Rod-wielder +2 to attacks with rods.
295 Ambidextrous Can wield weapons in either hand, gain a +1 bonus to hit when wielding two weapons.
296 Metal-head +1 to hit when wearing metal armour.
297 Silver machine You possess a silver machine. You do not know what it does. Yet.
298 Slayer gain +1 STR and +1 rank in a melee weapon of choice.
299 Hell’s Angel Gain DR 5 vs. all elemental and DR -5 holy.
300 Soul drinker On critical, you may drain an enemy’s surge. If an enemy has no surges, drain ¼ of its hitpoints instead of the damage dealt (unless you dealt more damage).