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300 Random Traits

When I run D&D games I usually simulate the class, race and other abilities of different characters by just having them roll on a massive table of traits. Perhaps I've just gotten tired of min-maxers? Anyhow, here are the 300 traits.

A bit of background: I use a version of Microlite74 for my games, so there are only three ability scores: STR, DEX and MIND. Further, I usually simply represent these scores with modifiers, so normal characters tend to have abilities ranging from -1 to +4. I also only use a single saving throw as a luck roll, set by default at 50%. Finally, source is a kind of mana that the heroes may utilize to perform feats and cast spells. To give a feel for the power level, characters tend to start with around 20-24 hitpoints, an AC of 10 to 15 and an attack bonus of +2 to +5. Also, magic is treated as an emanation of the Void and bringing Chaos into the world, so magic users are almost without exception tainted and corrupted by the spells they use, hence players who want to be truly heroic are advised to avoid bargaining with daemons for more power.

1 Jinxed -1 to all nearby creatures’ saving throws.
2 Plague-bearer +5 to saves vs. disease, on crit your enemies are nauseated and weakened (save).
3 Undying On death remain conscious and capable of slow movement and speech, but unable to heal. Probably also start rotting. May require clerical aid.
4 Bloody regenerator When reduced to ½ hp, gain regeneration 1/round until end of enc.
5 Necropotency +2 damage with necrotic attacks.
6 Ghost hunter +50% chance to hit all noncorporeal creatures.
7 Cold of the grave You also deal cold damage with unarmed attacks, DR cold 2.
8 Cold master +2 damage with cold attacks.
9 Zen Warrior May use MIND for melee combat.
10 Eater of Souls On enemy killed gain 4 hp until end of enc.
11 Poisoner All attacks may deal poison damage.
12 Zen Archer May use MIND for missile combat.
13 Father frost All attacks may deal cold damage.
14 Crippler On critical, enemy is slowed (save).
15 Vacuum hardened Can survive in vacuum due to significant nanonic … er, magick modifications.
16 Darkvision Can “see” about 20m in perfect darkness.
17 Servant of darkness +2 to all d20 rolls in darkness and -1 in daylight.
18 Soul stealer On enemy killed gain +2 to next roll of choice.
19 I am legion +1 damage to all attacks on enemy killed until end of enc.
20 Frenzied +2 damage when below ½ hp.
21 Hidden reserves Can keep functioning until -5 hp.
22 Bloodlust +1 all attacks vs. foes below ½ hp.
23 Inner beast +1 melee attack and damage when below ½ hp.
24 Acid lover +2 damage with Acid attacks.
25 Fire starter +2 damage with Fire attacks.
26 Vaccinated DR necrotic and biological 5. +2 saves vs. Disease.
27 Fury +2 to all attack rolls when below ½ hp.
28 Death dealer On enemy killed gain +4 to damage with next attack.
29 Fade into shadows +2 AC when in darkness, -1 to AC in bright light.
30 My blood is armor Gain DR 1 when below ½ hp.
31 Death hunger On enemy killed gain +1 to attack rolls until end of encounter.
32 Melee fanatic +2 to hit with melee attacks, -1 to hit with ranged and spells.
33 Lucky basterd Roll 1 extra save against an on-going effect 1/enc. (or per 10 rounds).
34 Electric lover +2 damage with electric attacks.
35 Sparklefingers Unarmed attacks may deal lightning damage, DR electric 2.
36 Tremorsense Can sense all movement on and in the ground in a 5m radius.
37 Blessed blighter Roll twice for first save of encounter, choose best result.
38 First blood Roll twice for first attack of encounter, choose best result.
39 Webbed limbs Swim speed equal to land speed.
40 Gill implants Can breathe water.
41 Artificial organism Not actually alive; don’t need to eat, drink, breathe or sleep.
42 Infraoptics Infravision.
43 Nimble dwarf You are smaller than normal. +2 DEX, -1 STR, use smaller weapons.
44 Big man You are bigger than normal, -1 DEX, +1 STR, can use bigger weapons.
45 Echolocator Can use echolocation, effectively have 20m darkvision.
46 Sniffer +4 bonus to skill checks when a sense of smell would help.
47 Shaggy fur Covered in fur, giving DR 1 and DR cold 3.
48 Augmented eyes Low-light vision, +1 bonus when searching, etc.
49 Reacher Have longer reach with melee weapons, gain +1 initiative.
50 Fast Faster than normal, +4 bonus to skill checks when this would help.
51 Tough +5 hp. Yes, a boring trait.
52 Fluid anatomy Save vs. critical hits to turn them into normal hits.
53 Deadhands Unarmed attacks may deal necrotic damage, DR necrotic 2.
54 Acid blood 1/encounter, when reduced to ½ hp blood splash deals 2d4 damage to all adjacent creatures.
55 Alien / Void thing An actual alien, +3 to Knowledge, +1 to attack with alien items.
56 Firehands Unarmed attacks may deal fire damage, gain DR fire 2.
57 Giant slayer +4 to AC and damage vs. Creatures significantly larger than you.
58 Lord of Hellfire +1 attack and damage with fire and psychic effects.
59 Spiderman +1 Physical skill, +5 bonus to climbing skill checks.
60 Blastmaster +2 attack with bursts and blasts (fireballs and flaming hands, for example).
61 Double-take Roll twice for initiative, pick best result.
62 Fire master Melee attacks may deal fire damage.
63 Ferocious brute On 0 hp make immediate attack with +4 to hit, then drop.
64 Armoured skin Slow (-4 penalty to skill checks when speed is required), gain 2 DR.
65 Chemoderm DR acid and chemical 5.
66 Thermoderm DR fire 5.
67 Insulated DR cold 5. It’s not just blubber!
68 Tireless You cannot be fatigued or weakened.
69 Kinaesthete DR force 5 and +1 AC vs. missile attacks.
70 EMP hardening DR electro-magnetic (lightning) 5.
71 Gut upgrade +5 to saves vs. poison, can digest semi-edible food ... like wood.
72 Squeezer Can reduce size and move bones to squeeze through narrow areas.
73 Acid master Melee attacks may deal acid damage.
74 Face-changer Rearrange features, +5 to skill checks when this comes in handy.
75 Demonic heritage +3 Communication skill, DR fire and acid 3. May know how to fiddle.
76 Winged Can fly, badly. Look like a total freak. -4 to skill checks when looks are an issue.
77 Prehensile tail Just what it says. Tail can hold things, be used to drink potions, etc. -3 to skill checks when looks are an issue.
78 Hermaphrodite Just what it says. Can change sex at will, takes about a day.
79 Clawed Unarmed attacks deal 1d6 damage, -3 to skill checks when looks are an issue.
80 Unblinking Literally constantly aware, +3 to Subterfuge. May be unnerving.
81 Bloodbather Gain +1 to all defences and saves vs. opponents below ½ hp.
82 Keep them away +2 to hit with ranged attacks, -1 to attack with melee and spells.
83 Earth eater Can feed on inorganic matter and derive sustenance.
84 Fast runner Faster when running or charging, +2 AC when running away.
85 Opportunist +2 to hit with opportunity & sneak attacks.
86 Load bearer Gain 8 bonus load slots.
87 Target painter Allies gain +1 to hit and damage vs. target you crit until end of enc.
88 Battering blows +2 damage with unarmed attacks
89 Charger +2 damage on charge, +5 to push, shove enemies.
90 Press forth On crit, gain free attack.
91 Little vampire When your attack hits regain 1 hp.
92 Spell master All magick attacks are high crit.
93 Critical master All melee attacks are high crit.
94 Head shooter All ranged attacks are high crit.
95 Thirst for battle +3 to initiative, +1 source point.
96 Critical spells Crit on 19-20 with magick attacks.
97 Ranged critter Crit on 19-20 with ranged attacks.
98 Stunner On crit enemy is stunned (save).
99 Bloody mess Crit on 19-20 with melee attacks.
100 Sexy Shoeless God of War You are small, you gain +2 DEX, +2 STR and +2 Initiative.
101 Bad luck and company 1s and 2s on a d20 count as critical fails, 19s and 20s count as critical successes.
102 Rising fury Every time an enemy hits you, gain a cumulative +1 to hit that enemy.
103 Attack is defence Any enemy you strike has a -2 penalty to hit you for one round.
104 Immobilizer On crit enemy is immobilized (save).
105 Martial freedom +5 to save vs. slow and immobilized.
106 Hardheaded +5 to save vs. stun and paralyze.
107 Poke the big’uns +1 to hit larger targets than self.
108 Team player +2 dmg when adjacent to an ally.
109 Cagey +2 AC vs. sneak attacks.
110 Unleashed anger +3 to melee attacks when below ½ hp.
111 Agile bugger You can generally attack an enemy and move away from it without provoking an attack of opportunity.
112 Lost among big’uns +2 AC when adjacent to 2+ larger enemies.
113 Knocker On crit enemy is knocked prone.
114 Ferocious +4 to attack and damage for one round after you crit.
115 Backstabber deal double damage against enemies that are completely unaware of you.
116 Sneakster plus DEX damage on sneak attack.
117 Scoundrel plus STR damage when you sneak attack.
118 Combat superiority +MIND to attack on opportunity attacks, target stopped on hit
119 Mindful defence May use MIND for AC bonus.
120 Strong mind May use STR for MD (Magic Defense).
121 Strong defence May use STR for AC.
122 Quick draw Draw weapon really fast, +2 initiative.
123 Painful advantage +3 dmg on opportunity attacks.
124 Improved initiative +4 to initiative.
125 Fast reflexes +2 to all opportunity attacks.
126 Spell slinger +2 to all magic attacks, -1 to melee and ranged attacks.
127 Better second wind #NAME?
128 Faster second wind Can use a point of Source during combat to recover ¼ hp as a full round action.
129 Stable +5 to saves vs. being knocked down or moved.
130 Educated +5 to skill of choice.
131 Can’t touch this +2 AC when surrounded by 3 or more enemies.
132 Swift charger Faster when charging, +2 to hit on charge.
133 Bloody lucky Once per encounter, lose 1d6 hp and make a save automatically.
134 Vitality +1 source point.
135 Combat leader Allies nearby gain +2 to initiative.
136 Alertness No CA when surprised, +2 to skill check when searching.
137 Hide from big’uns +5 Subterfuge against large opponents
138 Durable DR 1 against all elemental attacks.
139 Escape artist +3 specific skill bonus when being an escape artist.
140 Perseverance +1 to all saving throws.
141 Jack-of-All-trades +1 to all general skills.
142 Light step +3 specific skill bonus when trying to hide own tracks and traces.
143 Ranger +4 Survival.
144 Skill focus +5 to chosen specific skill.
145 Combat medic +2 Knowledge, +5 specific skill medic.
146 Group stealth +2 Subterfuge for self and adjacent allies.
147 Timely respite Do nothing for one round and roll a failed save again.
148 Bardic Skill +2 to 2 skills of choice & +2 to specific skill with one instrument (bongos?).
149 Trap sense +2 against everything traps can do that might require a d20 roll.
150 Jester of pain +3 to Subterfuge, +1 damage with sneak attacks.
151 Skill versatility +1 to all skills.
152 Soldier mage May use STR for magic combat.
153 Finger magic May use DEX for magic combat.
154 Paragon of defence +1 to AC and MD.
155 Quick recovery Gain double hp per source point when resting.
156 Wrathful valor +2 dmg when nearby ally is below ½ hp.
157 Indomitable +2 to MD and saves vs. dazed, dominated or stunned.
158 Unyielding +2 hp and +5 to saves vs. death.
159 Reflexive +1 to AC and +2 to saves vs. ongoing damage.
160 Oblivious of the end Do not fall unconscious for 1 round after reaching 0 hp.
161 Rangy mage Range of magic spells increased (areas of effect do not increase)
162 Xenoslayer +1 to attack vs. aliens and horrors, +2 when below ½ hp.
163 Fists of fear Unarmed attacks deal +2 damage and may count as psychic dmg.
164 Perfect balance You can balance on any narrow surface without a skill check.
165 Perfect life DR necrotic 10.
166 Tech expertise +2 attack with tech items (implements).
167 Group insight Gain +1 to Knowledge for every nearby ally (max +4).
168 Psycho +2 damage with psychic attacks.
169 Neural shell DR psychic 5, +2 to saves vs. enchantments.
170 Danger senses +2 initiative, +2 to AC vs. surprise attacks & traps.
171 Blithe +5 to saves vs. fear.
172 Minor precognition +MIND to AC vs. opportunity attacks and sneak attacks (or +1 if no bonus).
173 Toughminded +1 to MD, +5 to saves vs. charm.
174 Trance Sleep is optional. 4 hour extended rest.
175 Nimble of foot Ignore difficult terrain when walking.
176 Mild telepathy field +1 to your and nearby allies’ skill checks when searching.
177 Good vibrations +1 to your and nearby allies’ Communication skill.
178 Armor lover +2 Armor penalty reduction.
179 Aura of peace +2 Communication skill, +2 to saves vs. Fear within close radius.
180 Tree-hugger +2 to all rolls when close to trees, -1 to all rolls when no trees nearby.
181 Wood-monger +2 damage with wooden weapons.
182 Speed loader Load faster. Much faster. Just ignore loading times.
183 Marked by the light +1 to all defences vs. creatures of darkness and death.
184 The gods guide your hand +5 to attack with first attack of the encounter.
185 Potent blood Your blood is literally intoxicating, also gain +5 to saves vs. alcohol.
186 Eyes of clarity +3 to saves and defences vs. illusions.
187 Free spirit Cannot be charmed or dominated.
188 Distant advantage Can carry out ranged and area sneak attacks against unaware enemies.
189 Dextrous fighter May use DEX for melee combat damage.
190 Mr. Mind-melter +2 to mental influencing attacks, +2 to Communication.
191 Undying heart On death can use 2 source points to return to life with 1 hp.
192 Like a golem. You are hard-core. Literally. DR 1/magic.
193 Regenerator Can slowly regrow lost or damaged limbs.
194 Were heritage You can regenerate 1/silver.
195 Tower of power +1 STR and +10 hp.
196 Babel fish Universal translator and +2 to Communication skill.
197 Golden boy You are beautiful, the gods smile on you. +3 Communication skill, roll one extra save per encounter.
198 Major precognition +6 initiative, +3 AC vs. surprise attacks.
199 Infinite reserves Regain all Source every day at a set time.
200 Holy one Your magicks come from a real divine source and you can gain no taint. Can automatically pick one magick you know, if you do not have any.
201 Invigorating charge Gain 5 temporary hp if you boldly charge into combat.
202 Coop-cowardice Gain +1 to hit for every ally attacking the same enemy.
203 Deadly cowardice Gain +1 to dmg for every ally attacking the same enemy.
204 Eater of men Gain 1d6 temporary hit-points after eating human flesh.
205 Elongated teeth Can use a bite attack that deals 1d4 damage.
206 Prickly ears Gain +5 to skill checks when hearing plays a factor
207 Sharp bloodshot eyes Gain +5 to skill checks when vision plays a factor.
208 Lucky goblin Gain +2 to one d20 roll per encounter.
209 Thick skinned Gain +1 unarmoured AC and +2 to saves vs. mental effects.
210 Shield basher Gain +1 melee damage when you equip a shield.
211 Careful lurker Gain +2 to hit when you sneak attack.
212 Eyes bleed with… … the power. Gain +3 to your next d20 roll for each source point used.
213 Greedy goblin Once per session you may roll your d100 roll for loot twice.
214 Bad luck goblin You are infected with gremlins. Enemies that attack you save at -2.
215 Mudouflage When you have access to mud, gain +4 to Subterfuge.
216 Jugular jump Gain 19-20 crit threat range when you sneak attack.
217 Filth cloud 1/enc. when reduced to ½ hp, all adjacent creatures are weakened (save).
218 Knife friend Gain +1 to hit and +2 to Communication (intimidation) with knives.
219 Empty shell You have no soul. Any spells affecting souls fail against you. You cannot be raised if you die. Gain +5 bonus to saves vs. mental effects.
220 Slimy and squirmy Gain +2 to AC vs. grappling and a +2 bonus to all d20 rolls in tight spaces.
221 Quick goblin Gain +1 to AC against attacks with large and ranged weapons.
222 Daywalker Gain +2 to all d20 rolls in daylight, -1 to rolls in darkness.
223 Hidden decapitator All sneak attacks are high crit.
224 Holy hands Your unarmed attacks may deal holy damage, gain DR 2 holy.
225 Holy weapons Your melee attacks may deal holy damage.
226 Unholy filth Gain DR 5 holy.
227 Raymaker +2 to hit with magic rays.
228 Holy slayer +2 to damage with holy attacks.
229 Soul shell You gain +2 MD.
230 Saving shield Roll a save to turn a crit into a regular hit when using a shield.
231 Unforgiving +1 to hit and damage vs. enemies that have wounded you until end of enc.
232 Mage hunter +2 to damage vs. spell-casters.
233 Lightbringer Gain +2 to hit with holy and fire attacks.
234 Fishbreather +2 to all d20 rolls in or near water, -1 to in dry areas. Can breathe water for a short time.
235 Thunderer Your voice is a force weapon, deals 1d4 damage, close range.
236 Shield bearer Gain +1 to attacks with spears or short swords when using a shield.
237 Spartan Gain DR 1 when using a shield.
238 Killing rays +2 damage with rays.
239 Goliath Can wield 1 die larger two-handed weapons.
240 Faster shot Always win initiative if you are using a ranged weapon vs. casters or melee combatants.
241 Crossbow master +2 damage with crossbows.
242 Armour ripper All your melee attacks gain 1 damage penetration.
243 Long fingers Your fingers are grotesquely elongated, gain +3 to disable traps and locks and +1 to choke.
244 Skullbreaker +1 damage with all blunt weapons.
245 Longthrower Can throw throwing weapons farther.
246 Slasher +1 damage with all slashing weapons.
247 Wrestler +1 to hit, damage and AC when unarmed, unarmoured and oiled.
248 Poker +1 damage with all piercing weapons.
249 Horsemaster +1 AC when mounted.
250 Frikkin’ ninja When unarmoured gain +2 AC, +2 to hit, -2 to damage.
251 Chainmaster +1 to hit with chain weapons, +1 to AC in chain mail.
252 Flashy dresser +3 to Communication in non-combat threads, +1 MD if unarmoured.
253 Heterophobe +1 to hit opposite sex.
254 Homophobe +1 to hit same sex.
255 Moonwalker +1 to all d20 rolls when in moonlight.
256 Magical bard +1d4 to allies’ d20 rolls when playing music.
257 Fear sower On critical enemies are feared (save).
258 Quartermaster +1 to hit and damage with quarterstaff.
259 Horned Horns grow on your head, giving you a 1d4 head-butt attack.
260 Hoof-foot You have hoofed feet and +4 to endurance checks. May look strange.
261 Tripper +4 bonus to attempts to trip enemies.
262 Lancer +2 to hit with spears and lances when mounted.
263 Beloved of the Voids Do not have to roll saves when facing the void, +1 to psychic and necrotic attacks.
264 Shiny knight Gain +1 AC in full plate and +1 to hit with long sword and shield.
265 Daggers drawn Gain +1 to hit when using a dagger in your off-hand.
266 Robes like armour Gain +1 AC when wearing very wizardly robes
267 Armoured fist When wearing armour, increase die size for unarmed attacks.
268 Deadly daggers With small weapons deal +2 damage.
269 Urban adventurer +2 to d20 rolls in cities, -1 to rolls outside of cities.
270 Troll blood Gain regeneration 1/fire
271 Disciplined +1 to MD, +5 to saves vs. fear.
272 Blood of Power As a minor action, can exchange hp for a bonus to the next roll at a rate of 1:1.
273 Horse archer +2 to hit with ranged attacks when mounted.
274 Another ranger +3 to Survival, +1 to hit with bows.
275 Great archer Can use 1 die larger bows and crossbows.
276 Menacing An aura of menace surrounds you, gain +5 to Communication (intimidate) and +2 to attacks with fear spells.
277 MSc Dungeoneer +3 to all “dungeon-related” skill checks.
278 Duellist +2 to hit when facing an opponent 1 on 1.
279 Gaunt You are unnaturally gaunt, gaining +1 AC and -3 hp.
280 Paragon of virtue You are so ridiculously virtuous even shit won’t stick, +2 to saves, -2 to Communication skill (annoying).
281 Glutton You are huge. Almost Jabba the Hut huge. Gain +6 hp and -1 AC.
282 Proud You are awesome, but you know this too well. Gain +2 to one attack and one skill, and -1 to either AC or MD.
283 Envious Underhanded and devious, gain +3 to Subterfuge.
284 Lustful Gain +5 to Communication vs. the opposite sex.
285 Greedy Gain +10 to treasure rolls and -1 to Communication skill.
286 Wroth You have a short temper and are prone to violent rages. Gain +1 STR and -1 to MD.
287 Calculating +2 to Knowledge, +1 to hit with missile or spell attacks, -2 initiative.
288 Persistent On miss gain +1 to next attack.
289 Siren song +2 to hit with charm spells when you can use your voice.
290 Grand improviser +2 to hit and damage with improvised weapons. Like bar stools.
291 Dark elf ranger +2 to hit when using two identical slashing weapons (scimitars).
292 Motor-breath +2 to rolls with things that have engines, +3 to saves vs. alcohol.
293 Wand-waver +2 to attacks with wands.
294 Rod-wielder +2 to attacks with rods.
295 Ambidextrous Can wield weapons in either hand, gain a +1 bonus to hit when wielding two weapons.
296 Metal-head +1 to hit when wearing metal armour.
297 Silver machine You possess a silver machine. You do not know what it does. Yet.
298 Slayer gain +1 STR and +1 rank in a melee weapon of choice.
299 Hell’s Angel Gain DR 5 vs. all elemental and DR -5 holy.
300 Soul drinker On critical, you may drain an enemy’s surge. If an enemy has no surges, drain ¼ of its hitpoints instead of the damage dealt (unless you dealt more damage).

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