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Dungeon Dozen Fan Index & The Odd Ghoul (d12 table)

The Blessings of the Dice Gods (Jeff Russell) has set about indexing the Dungeon Dozen posts:

The Cleric in the Pot salutes him. As do I. And to make things reasonable, a d12 table to go:

The Odd Ghoul

1. Has a crown-shaped tattoo 'pon its leathery hide. Is it the missing son of the King of Lepont?
2. Has an undead parasitic worm depending from its withered belly which grants it a second bite attack. The parasitic worm has the same attack as the ghoul, but +2 to AC and only a quarter of the ghoul's hitpoints.
3. It is immobile, bound tight by a thin blessed silver chain.
4. It is missing the top of its cranium and has developed a mutated, enlarged maw, giving it a -2 to hit but double damage dice.
5. It has somehow mutated and grown leathery bat wings, while the body has come to resemble that of a monkey. Or perhaps it is just a flying monkey ghoul.
6. It is entirely a bright, glowing pink. It smells of spring flowers.
7. It is actually a living elf who has gone mad and believes himself a ghoul. The elf is dressed in such foul rags that e'en other ghouls will not touch it.
8. It has biting, blood sucking mouths upon its feet.
9. It has gems for eyes. The gems grant a paralysing gaze attack.
10. It is highly radioactive, getting within 10' of it requires a save vs. poison to prevent nausea, hair loss, weeping sores and loosening of teeth. Actually getting struck by it requires a save to avoid a lethal radiation dose, which results in death within 1d4 days. The nausea is unavoidable.
11. It is covered in faces (1d8 of them). It attaches the face of every creature it consumes to its rubbery hide, where it attaches and gains a semblance of life, forced to spend every moment carried about by its eater. Every face grants the ghoul +1 bonus hit point.
12. It is completely impervious to non-magical weapons, healing fast as a troll, for it consumed one such beast, chunk by chunk, bite by bite, paralysing it and eating it faster than it could regenerate.

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Dungeon in a Table (DiaT) I: Ebet Necropolis Areas

The Ixian Liberation (Setting Story):

"Ebet of the Hundred Gates, Mistress of the River of Life, City of the Living God, has fallen to the hordes of Ix the Ninth, Ruler of the River of Death from Across the Poison Sea. Where are the heroes who can save this city and its inhabitants? Oh, woe!" -words scrawled on the Lime Wall of the Temple of the Everliving Cat by a nameless Ebeteen oppressor-priest in his own blood.

The PCs are soldiers or mercenaries in the army of Ix the Ninth. The conquest is done. Now it's open season on the thousand years old necropolis of Ebet.

"The charonic reed boats ply the River of Life, crossing from Ebet on the fertile east bank to the imposing limestone bluffs of the desert west bank. The carved visages of the ancient Naga King and the Minotaur Queen flank the Gash of Life and Death, a chasm in the cliffs through which the white steps built of the bones of the Ebetian ancestors lead to the City of the Dead, the Necropolis of Ebet." - Approaching the Necropolis, Holy Pilgrim Shortbook Guide to Ebet and its Fabulous Necropolis, 12th Edition, Year of the Dappled Plover of the Endless Reign of the 32nd Living God Amnesis.

Beyond the Gate of the Endless Circle the necropolis stretches to the west, centuries upon centuries of the death-worshipping dogs' tombs. Gold, precious stones, silks, oils, incenses, parchments, ivories, carvings, armours and weapons consigned to dry decay in this parched desert upland. Scum and vermin eked out their lives here before, the refuse of the slave-owning imperialists' cities. Now they have been joined by the opium peddling Ebeteen priests, their cowardly soldiers and the revolting refugees who would rather continue to resist the Glorious Evolution of Ix than accept the reason and order brought by the Red Army of Liberation.

DiaT Ia-c: Ebet Necropolis Areas, Outdoor Encounters & Terrain

Roll either d100 or d20 as preferred, the d100 roll will generally give a low chance of anything particularly interesting happening or being found and an approximately 20% chance of more interesting finds. The d20 is for when you're just feeling lucky. The table is a work in progress, I will modify this post as I add content.

Roll d100Roll d20AreaOutdoor EncountersTerrain
11Monumental ruin (+50*)Vengeful shades, ominous poltergeists or grim dust devilsWater features, lush, lillies
2-52Looted tomb (-20tr)Necroplis scum, long-term dwellers in the necropolis, persecuted by the Ebeteen, gypsies, tricksters and thievesDry, cracked earth
6-353Dirty, poor area (-20tr, -10*)Feral rats, cats, dogs, beetles or other verminScrubby grass
36-754Common tombs (-10tr, -10*)Desert Scum, come to the Necropolis seeking loot that rightfully belongs to IxBroken stones and rubble
76-785The Barracks of Necropolis MaintenanceIxian soldiers, mercenaries, commissars or overseersAshes and burnt buildings
79-816The Temple of the AdministratorsEbeteen priests and their opium addled coteries and guardsScrawny desert trees
82-847The Ducal TombsEbeteen terrorist fanatics, partisans or cutthroatsBrambles, tangled thorn bushes
85-868The Tombs of the ScribesEffete refugees, imperialists, scribes or administratorsSalted wasteland
87-889The Princely TombsCommon Ebeteen refugee trash, children, women or old menSand and dust choked
89-9010The Catacombs of the Hundred Worthies (€)Hyenas, desert wolves, vultures, or other scavengersLush, maintained grass
9111The Tomb of the Saviour General (€)Unlicensed looters, cannibals, bandits or body snatchersPaved, stony
9212The Tomb of the Glorious ArchitectPlague bearers, infected refugees, lepers or other filthDried up, dead vegetation, dust
9313The Tombs of the Viziers (€)Lions, sand dragons, thorn crawlers or other predatorsIvy, marble ruins, trees
9414The Tomb of the Forgotten KingNecromancers, warlocks, witches or other soul-burned refuseRainforest, choking vegetation
9515The Temple of the Watching CatWorms, leeches, poisonous plants, beetles, grubs or other parasitesDate palms and ponds
9616The Tombs of the High Priests (€)Skeletons, mummies, walkers or other mindless undeadBlood-soaked ground, withering vegetation
9717The Temple of the SonFakirs, juicers, dreamers and other living deadWinding paths and plazas
9818The Queen's Mortuary TempleArchaic constructs, golems, clockworks or other never-living abominationsLarge dead trees
9919The King's Father's Mortuary TempleEaters of sorrow, drinkers of pain or other void monstrositiesThick with gravestones
10020Temple of the Dead God (+20tr, €)False god manifestations, risen false gods and other horrors of the Ebeteen mummified disaster of an afterlifeLich field strewn with mummies and skeletons given up by the ground

As the 'heroes' wander the quarters (hexes) of the Necropolis, most of it is covered common graves with little treasure (penalties to treasure rolls). Some of the areas contain entrances (€) to the Catacombs where, rumour has it, the richest treasures of the older God Kings are still hidden. Encounters list common creatures, terrain adds some flavour to the area.

DiaT Id-e: Ebet Necropolis Difficulties and Strangenesses

This table presents some difficulties, traps, weird tricks and, well, weirdnesses the righteous Ixian warriors will find in the Ebet Necropolis.

Roll d100Roll d20DifficultiesStrangeness
11Death ward on tomb protected by the Dead GodThe remains of a giant foot, only the letters OZ can be read
2-52An area cursed by the Ebeteen priests causing blindness, incontinence, hirsuteness, bloody flux or disfiguring boils and toads.A crucified and manacled headless corpse cradles its head and points to glory (35%) or ruin (65%)
6-353Shattered glass or masonry shards as caltropsThe writing's on the wall, in burnt blood letters 10 feet high.
36-754Loose rubble slips and slides underfootThe scent of orchids lies heavy in the air, disappearing when danger threatens.
76-785Dust swirls and obscures visionThe water does not reflect and heals any undead immersed in it as a cure light wounds potion each round.
79-816Monuments amplify sounds and echoesThe stone is friable to the touch, crumbling at the breath of the living.
82-847Vile stench of death and burning cause nauseaBlood red mists hang in the air, obscuring visibility and raising tempers.
85-868Fragile masonry columns and arches collapse easilyThe laughter of long-dead children echoes among the graves.
87-889Pit traps laid by the terrorist EbeteenCreatures slain in this area rise again as cowardly zombies after 1d4 rounds and attempt to flee.
89-9010Landslide traps in the ruins laid by terroristsWounds in the area simply will not bleed or heal.
9111A lair of venomous vermin or hungry flesh-beetlesDolls. Many, many heretical ceramic dolls.
9212A poisoned spike trap laid by some scum or otherA shrine to the demons of lust of the Ebeteen, including a trove of clockwork phalluses.
9313Gluttinous mud, pretty much quicksandAn astrolabe that plays ethereal music when the spheres align.
9414Surprisingly deep water may drown the unwaryA box of poisoned chocolates that cause rapid tooth decay.
9515Weak floor breaks under impact or weight, opening into Catacombs far belowA wall of wondrous glyphs that restore life to a withered limb when lamb's blood is poured on them.
9616Cursed ground where the dead wake when trod uponA magical fountain of waters azure that restores mana or spells.
9717A slide, Indiana Jones style, through the ruinA slab of preservation that draws the juices from a corpse, preserving it for later.
9818Level-draining ward on a tomb, clearly markedA clockwork goblin toy designed to amuse a dead princeling.
9919Electro-magnetic field wards with lightningA rock crystal obelisk that removes the heart of he who touches it, letting them fight to -13hp, but become unable to heal naturally.
10020The head of a medusa in a box is a petrifying experienceA skull carved with a map leading to the Sunken Chamber of the Purple Sand Octopus God

DiaT If-h: Ebet Necropolis Treasure Values, Scrolls and Wondrous Things

This table presents the treasure values present in a hex (in approximate % of xp required to level - adjust value to taste), the scrolls column represents spells that could be found, the wondrous things column presents a list of generally useless but beautiful and valuable mortuary goods that may be found.

Roll d100Roll d20Treasure Values (% to level)ScrollsWondrous Things
111d20%Akaula's Drinking of the Blood of the DeadAn eversinging bird of gold and clockwork.
2-521d6-1%Akaula's Control of the Pestilential VerminA silver teapot that boils itself and glitters in the sun.
6-3531d4%Shallit's Staunching of Wounds and Curing of FatigueA helm of bronze and crystal and ancient glyphs.
36-7541d8%Obat's Curing of WoundsA shimmering armor of blue scales and gilded tassles.
76-7853d10%Lakhim's Curing of the Diseases of the BodyA cup of clay filled that ever refills with strong, sweet wine.
79-8163d10%Shallit's Setting of the Bones and Purification of the TeethA flute of bone that sets the dead to sleep.
82-8473d10%Obat's Burning of the UncleanA lion steed of leather and steel and clockwork.
85-8683d12%Esbeen's Expulsion of Spirits and Curing of the SoulA mechanical hand that reproduces whatever is written with a magical pen.
87-8893d12%Akaula's Pestilential TransformationA glamorous crown that protects from sun and heat.
89-90103d12%Uzud's Servant of SandAn intricate clockwork eye that grants infravision.
91113d20%Vorhad's Reduction of the Living CursesA music box that plays the tunes of paradise.
92123d20%Esbeen's Words With the DeadAn axe of jade and ivory and electrum that destroys the unquiet dead and their nemeses.
93133d20%Uzud's Servant of StoneA book of glistening, wet parchment that can be erased and rewritten upon as often as desired.
94143d20%Akaula's Turning of the DeadA disembodied preserved hand that can play the strings of a harp.
95153d20%Lakhim's Restoration of the Petrified CorpseA pair of silk and silver wings that allow one to glide like a vulture bird.
96163d20%Esbeen's Animation of the Mummified DeadA marvelous toolkit of enchanted ivory, steel and stones.
97173d20%Uzud's Weapon of the Source of LifeA set of painted ceramic tablets of poetry.
98183d20%Akaula's Destruction of the DeadA translucent alabaster canopic jar of eternal preservation carved with cats and moons.
99193d20%Uzud's Exploding Flower of StoneA shield of stone and gold that is incredibly light to hold.
100205d20%Esbeen's Recalling of the Lost Soul and Reanimation of the CorpseA clockwork and ruby necklace that summons imps and tells the time.

DiaT Ii-k: Ebet Necropolis Curses, Diseases and Monstrosities

This table gives three lists of more horrible things to inflict on characters.

Roll d100Roll d20CursesMonstrositiesDiseases
11BlindnessA scarab with gold and lapiz armor and a petrifying bite.Leprosy, tzaraath, eczema or a mild skin condition.
2-52DeafnessA large rat with emeralds for eyes and dripping fangs.Rotting pustules, warts or boils.
6-353DumbnessA huge dog with a tail of stone and spiked steel.Sunstroke or severe dehydration.
36-754ImpotenceA mummy with bones of silver and sinews of red gold.Lice. The regular or the crotchety kind.
76-785Evercrawling LiceA sarcophagus with thirteen scarlet giant arachnid legs.Sand itch, particularly afflicts wearers of metal armors
79-816Delusions of Beautious ColoursA ghoul with the head of a lion and the arms of a minotaur.Pneumonia or dragonbreath throat
82-847BaldnessAn Ebeteen terrorist with a dagger for a tongue and lizard claws.Visitor gut (diarrhoea) or the bloody flux or dysentery
85-868Castration of the ImpudentA vile heretic priest with the tail of a snake.Dropsy or fluid buildup
87-889Eversinging Desert Spirits of SholothA desert dweller with no face and an obsidian blade.Liver, gut or heartworms
89-9010Tightening and Drying of the SkinA corpse of a woman who cannot die and calls all rats her babes and suckles them upon her bony ribcage.Consumption or tuberculosis
9111Rotting of the TeethA giant lizard all hollow and filled with gold rings and copper charms.Withering of the limbs, partial paralysis or meningitis
9212Evershivering Cold of the Dusty GraveThe front half of a fair-haired angel with the whole back of his body missing and hollow.Sandtoad or Fleshbeetle, eggs and larvae
9313Withering of the LimbsA statue with bleeding red eyes that always follow the shortest character in the vicinityGangrene or blood poisoning
9414Vomiting of BeetlesA headless horseman who whistles through his windpipe and rides a bone horse.Blindness or deafness or dumbness
9515Repeated Passing of the Stones of ContritionA dwarf with no beard.Demonic posession, epilepsy or other madness
9616Inversion of the FeetA bull with a human head that stalks the night, offering forgiveness and peace.Virulent inflammation or high fever
9717Kasub's Declaration "Thine Head Shalt Be Up Side Down"A cat with no fur and a human mouth growing on its belly.Indigestion or bloody terminal haemorrhage
9818Sloughing of the FleshA large dead tree that drips blood and flesh from it's drooping grey dead branches.The Slow Petrification
9919The Pillar of Salt Shalt Be Thine NemesisA pit filled with the chattering skulls of condemned Ebeteen prisoners condemned to stay chained to this world until their sentence is up.Dirteating plague
10020The Everfollowing Flame of HellA giant rough stone pot filled with crawling clattering hands with eyeballs in their palms.Deathwalker rabies

DiaT Il-n: Ebet Necropolis Armours, Weapons and Potions

This table gives three lists of nice-ish loot the "heroes" may find.

Roll d100Roll d20ArmoursWeaponsPotions
11Red chainmail of the Cult of Everflowing Life of EbetThe Eating Flame Unguent of ObatThe Weakening Bile of Clear Vision
2-52Crocodile skin and antler shieldThe Alchemical Grenade or Vial of PoisonThe Strength of the Divine Battle Frenzy
6-353Light linen and leather armour studded with brassThe Spear or DaggerKiller of Fatigue
36-754Light chainmail and boiled leather guardsThe Bow or SlingStopper of Wounds and Healer of Scratches
76-785Ebeteen ringmail with silver traceryThe Sword, straight or curvedThe Tremor Inducing Concoction Against Poisons
79-816Heavy banded and scaled armour with lacquered guardsThe AxeCorrect Unguent Against Parasites
82-847Heavy brass and clockwork armour with ceramic guardsThe MacePungent Sovereign Glue For the Reattachment of Severed Limbs
85-868Light armour of silk and spiderfish leatherThe Noble Hafted Axe or HalberdGlittering Drink of Heat Resistance
87-889Heavy tapered brazen shield of the Solar Guards of EbetThe Great SwordSustaining Drops of Liquid Ambrosia Against Dehydration
89-9010Ostrich plumed helm of the Midnight and Midday WatchThe Executioner's Great AxeDisease Curing Waters Diluted With Seeds Of Soluble Mercury
9111Porcelain armour of the Doll Throne GuardThe Snake Priests' StaffPaste of Tooth Restoration and Hair Strengthening
9212Spunwire electrum armourThe Golden Hollow Dagger of VenomTonic of Strength or Mind or Dexterity
9313Heavy coldsteel chain of heat resistanceThe Silver Bow of Burning PainSalve of Protection Against Draining
9414Glowing green shield of the Oasis Knights ResplendentThe Sword of Severing of the AccursedRed Wine of Protection Against Sorrow
9515A glass and ivory helm of the Clear Mind and Watchful EyeThe Axe of Glorious DecapitationAccursed Ebeteen Beer of Drunkenness and Villainy
9616Glyphed heavy tile and bronze armourThe Heat Wand of UrnumuBlue Jelly of Vital Restoration
9717Sand Octopus leather armour.The Thundering Rod of UrnumuGreen Jelly of the Virulent Toxic Kiss
9818Silver plate armour.The Searing Staff of UrnumuBlack Lotus Juice of Forgetfulness and Joyous Slumber
9919Golden chainmail.The Gleaming Brazen and Black Iron Maw of Shrapnel and DoomKingsblood Potion of Curse Cleansing
10020Jewel studded dragonleather armour.The Polearm of Divine Fire and Cutting of the Dead GodSolution of the Ashes of the Honoured Ancestors Providing Invisibility to the Dead

DiaT Io-q: Ebet Necropolis Tabular Grab Bag: Random Hazards, Crossing the River, Trying to Buy Stuff

This table is a poorly sorted set of almost random stuff dealing with the Necropolis of Ebet and Ransacked Ebet under the Just and Popularly Ordainer Rule of Ix the Ninth.

Roll d100Roll d20HazardsCrossing the River of LifeIs What You Want to Buy Available in Ransacked Ebet?
11Shade Marked - drawing blood will darken the sky and draw hungry ghosts.The God of Death drowns the handler's reason and he will try to drown all his passengers in a whirlpoolNo, and it might be illegal and you may be wanted by the authorities now.
2-52Noxious - disturbing the soil will unleash noxious fumes in the area.Boat handler is an Ebeteen terrorist and will try to mislead his passengers, increasing Necropolis dangerNo, and you attract the attention of some nasty cutpurses.
6-353Flammable - wood and refuse in the area may catch fire.Boat handler is grumpy and charges a princely 10 silvers a head.Nope.
36-754Crumbling - buildings, tombs and death pillars may start collapsing.Boat handler is kindly and charges only 10 silvers a head.Yes, but it's of shoddy quality or ridiculously expensive.
76-785Dust Bedevilled - raising dust clouds will summon dust devils.The boat springs a leak and must be bailed constantly to make it acrossYes.
79-816Hungry Waters - blood in the waters will summon Gorks.A small but valuable item is stolen by the boat handler's innocent looking daughterYes.
82-847Rumour Tainted - rumours of gold incite great greed in this areaThe boat handler tries to sell his brother's "handsome" wife to buy food.Yes.
85-868Melancholy - strenuous activity in the area provokes a melancholy miasmaUnless given a tip, the handler will alert Ebeteen cutthroats to the PCs location.Yes.
87-889Malarial - staying too long weakens the body and poisons the mindA voluble handler will chat and talk of treasure and offer rumours. All false.Yes.
89-9010Watchful Stones - motion will alert the Watchers of the DeadThe boat is stopped by Ixian inspectors, the PCs must show their Authorization of Reappropriation of Treasures Stolen From the People of the Two Rivers or pay a steep fine.Yes.
9111Vulture Marked - sleeping creatures will attack soul eaters and gold thievesThe handler has a lead on high quality alcohol in an Ebet taphouse ... And high quality wenches to hollow out the any purse.Yes, a superior version is also available.
9212Echoing - any noise in the area will echo and reecho for several minutesThe handler will sell his house out of desperation.Yes, a superior version is also available.
9313Weeping - any loss in the area will provoke inconsolable weeping and anguishThe handler is an Ebeteen nobleman in disguise.Yes, a superior version is also available.
9414Gaze Removing - memorizing or noting down what is seen in the area will turn the eyeballs into water.The boat is attacked by a riverine Sand OctopusYes, a superior version is also available.
9515Forgettable - staying too long in this area will begin eating away memories.The boat stinks of rot and decay, there is an Ixian body in the ballast hold.Yes, a superior version also available at the same price.
9616Great Magnetic Field - clashing metal weapons will activate a great magnetic field which will begin to turn living flesh into steel.The handler has fine fish to sell, though they may cause a worm infection or the yellow flux.Yes, a superior version also available at the same price.
9717Withering - fast movement or exuberance will activate an ageing and withering curse.The handler is dead when the opposite bank is reached.Yes, a superior version also available at the same price.
9818Blood Jungle - any blood spilled will bring forth blooming thorn vines and bushes to choke the ground.The handler jumps overboard in the middle of the current and is swallowed up by the waves.Yes, a superior version is available for a lower price.
9919Hazard of the Beasts - food left in the open will attract the Eater of the Hearts of the Unclean and the Evil.The handler can take the PCs directly to a Catacomb entrance.Yes, a superior version is available for a lower price.
10020Truth - attempting to pray in this area will result in the vile abominations of the Ebeteen gods revealing themselves to the character and corrupting his mind with lies.The boat sails through a shimmering veil into the Realm of the Dead, the Ferryman demands a tithe to release the PCs.Yes, and a friendly stranger offers you a magical version for free, no strings attached.
I will keep adding tables to this ... I mean, we're only up to Q ... there's still r-t, u-w and x-z to go at least.