Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Six Words 6d6: The Road North

I. The road north or a poetics of the D&D hexcrawl.

1d6 the road north
1. savage nomad weeps, vulture carries heart
2. children play in glowing warrior ruins
3. great elephant tree, cheese inside it
4. tower for sale, never occupied, cheap
5. warm cavern, never dries, sultry spaces
6. titan skull, marketplace for shadows, sighs

1d6 the bridge
1. blue marble, seeping round stones, moon
2. shadowed arches, snow walkway, footsteps fly
3. magenta trees whistle, flail, warm sandstone
4. golden embrace, gap spanned, sharp smoothness
5. willow fronds entangled, silken hair rope
6. copper chains creak bone gap pylons

1d6 the house
1. black pot, odd bones in pantry
2. hanging tree, swing is never empty
3. shingles of steel, doors crumble dust
4. bricks, sticks, rolling dice, green bread
5. overgrown path, warm hearth, rose windows
6. tangled stilts, sails capture wind, sway

1d6 the chest
1. iron cold, skin stretched taut, drum
2. gleaming inside, lacquered bark, stuffed mimic
3. little tentacles frolic blindly, opening mouth
4. bone, ivory, ebony, life grows within
5. children's playchest, repurposed, suitable for sailor
6. tarnished silver, cleaning not recommended, spiky

1d6 the door
1. creak and crack, careful, may snap
2. sobriety is the key, slide aside
3. heavy door, carved statue, never moves
4. flowing water carries golden needles, painful
5. bone door, carvings of flowers, sunrise
6. cold black door, chilling cold, keypad

1d6 the room
1. hall of mirrors, many pillars, shivering
2. wyrmwood weft, tapestry eats shiny shoes
3. cheese, smell remains, red walls gleam
4. sinew string orchestra, cat piano, smoky
5. smell the pain, corrupted mushroom, zebra
6. calchedony encrusted ivy crumbles, moss grows

Poorly inspired by Hemingway Apocryphal Six-word Story.

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