Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Campsites Table: Where Do Your PCs Rest Tonight?

Your PCs spend the whole day wandering ... where do they end up? Determine a party leader and roll a secret survival skill roll for them, then use the following table to determine where they are and what the conditions are like.

The first column assumes relatively forgiving terrain, where finding a safe campsite is a DC 11 skill check. I recommend just sliding up the unsafe / dangerous scales.

Survival (d20)Safetyd6Featured6 + Safety (once for each)WaterFoodShelter
1 or lessvery dangerous (-4)1ancient standing stones (2d4*) of (2d4: 2 jade, 3 marble, 4 sandstone, 5 granite, 6 basalt, 7 obsidian, 8 quartz)0 or lesspoisonous or disease-bearing waterpoisonous or diseased foods (1d6: 1 berries, 2 grubs, 3 rats, 4 locusts, 5 roots, 6 nuts)treacherous, in bad weather saves are at a disadvantage
2–5dangerous (-2)2a copse of trees (2d4*), they are (2d4: 2 dragon trees, 3 baobabs, 4 acacias, 5 palms, 6 saguaros, 7 flame trees, 8 ebony)1–2no waterno foodno shelter
6–10unsafe (-1)3an abandoned dwelling of (2d4: 2 fine marble, 3 granite blocks, 4 rough sandstone, 5 bleached planks, 6 adobe, 7 woven thorn and branches, 8 porcelain)3–4bad waterpoor food (1d6: 1 lost dried rations, 2 tubers, 3 bugs, 4 semi-edible nuts, 5 cacti, 6 lichen)poor shelter, but passable
11–17safe (-)4a water source (2d4: 2 an old pumping station, 3 a secluded gorge and pool, 4 a muddy creek, 5 a herdsman cistern, 6 an animal watering hole, 7 a fine well, 8 a deep cenote with a spiralling staircase)5–6good watergood food (1d6: 1 veldt rats or rabbits, 2 nuts, 3 berries, 4 succulent tubers, 5 sweetmeat grubs, 6 frogs)good shelter, in bad weather, saves are at an advantage
18–20very safe (+1)5a cave or hole (2d4: 2 a cracked egg-like structure half buried, 3 an abandoned mine shaft, 4 a natural wind canyon, 5 a cleft in a hill, 6 a dry spring, 7 a crater, 8 a rusted metal vault)7+mineral water, +1 hp regained per HDa feast (1d6: 1 veldt gazelle, 2 yellow cabbage, 3 fish, 4 eggs, 5 fruit, 6 lost tins of spam), enough to replenish rations right here!fantastic shelter, saves at advantage and soothing, +1 hp regained per HD
21–23serene (+2)6a lookout point, the (2d4: 2 top of an abandoned and cracked monolith, 3 crown of a tangled growth of dessicated plants, 4 windswept hilltop, 5 panoramic concealed outcrop, 6 the top of a small mesa, 7 a flat shelf on a cliff face, 8 brow of a giant bone)
24+blissful (+4)
The author of this table is not responsible if your PCs decide to start investigating their campsite instead of following the Magical Railroad!

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