Monday, November 17, 2014

Yellowland Encounters I — Going Camp [Rainbowland 5E]

I fear my D&D setting is verging into very camp very fast ... here's my encounter table of beasties so far. And I haven't even gotten to the Chupacabra, which is the main reason that goats are only kept in close stalls, far from the Northern Wall.

Sorry about the crappy vertical table ...

Yellowlander Commonersmedium or smallRarely encountered alone, the commoners of the Yellowlander pastoralists are hardy folk, ready to spring to action against the many dangers of the Veld.Day: 1d6, Night: in camp with herders.101d8 (4)30Sling: +2 bludgeoning 1d4. Hand axe: +2 slashing 1d6.Perception 100 (10)1d10 coppers each
Yellowlander HerdersmediumThe armed herders of the Veld always carry axes and flammable oil, in addition to their bows, to scare away Vulcana's evil vegetation. Each herder has 3d20 cows and 1d6 commoners.Day: 1d4, Night: 2d8 (camp)132d8 + 2 (11)30Bow: +3 piercing 1d6+1, range 60/120. Axe: +3 slashing 1d8+1. Burning oil: +3 fire 2d6, range 20/60, burst 5Pack Tactics: advantage if at least one ally is attacking same targetPerception 121/8 (25)1d10 silvers each, herding equipment
Yellowlander HerdmastermediumA larger group of herders will be accompanied by a herdmaster, generally the most experienced warrior and herder of their clan. Each herdmaster is accompanied by 3d10 herders, 5d20 additional cows and 2d6 additional commoners. Herdmaster names: Don Jusco de Velder, Dona Pinta la Guapa, Don Brasco el Viejo, Dona Nuna de la Nina11510d8 + 20 (65)30Multiattack: three melee attacks, two with axe (+5 slashing 1d8 + 3) and one with dagger (+5 piercing 1d4 + 3, range 20/60). Bow: +5 piercing 1d6 + 3, range 60/120.Saves Str +5, Dex +5, Wis +2.Perception 102 (450)2d100 gp, potion of healing, saffron pouch worth 1d100 gp
Yellowlander HuntersmediumThe Yellowlands teem with gazelles, antelope and stripe-horses, which the local hunters will, well, hunt. They are also skilled trackers.Day: 1d2, Night: 1d6 (camp)133d8 + 3 (16)30Multiattack: two melee or ranged attacks. Longbow: +4 piercing 1d8 + 2, range 150/600. Axe: +2 slashing 1d8. Dagger: +4 piercing 1d4 + 2, range 20/60Keen hearing and sightNature +4, Perception 15, Stealth +6, Survival +61/2 (100)2d20 silvers each, hunting equipment, 10% chance of a map
Shooting CactuslargeA pricklier pear cactus, imbued by Vulcana's suspicious possessiveness of the Yellow Goddess, it shoots soporiffic spiked pears at creatures that approach it. Once they are knocked out, it creeps up to them and slowly drains their vital bodily fluids.Day: 1d8, Night: 1d2103d10 + 6 (22)15Multiattack: the pricklier pear makes two ranged attacks (lobbed pear +2 piercing 1d4, burst 5, Con vs. DC 10 or knocked unconscious) or two prickly clubbing melee attacks (+3 bludgeoning 1d6 + 2).Keen tremorsense, has advantage on perception checks against walking targets. Prickly skin: deals 1d4 damage to anyone who attacks it in melee.Perception 131/2 (100)each shooting cactus has 2d20 ripe soporiffic pears, each of which is worth 1d10 gp to tequila makers in towns and inns
Tumbling WeedssmallYellowlanders say the tumbling weeds are awakened by Vulcana's scheming distrust of the Yellow Goddess. During the day they tumble harmlessly, but at night they congregate in large numbers to subdue weakened animals—or humans. They are said to drink water from their victims with bladed root appendages.Day: 1–2, Night: 5d1293d6 (10)20waterdrinking root: +1 piercing 1d4 - 1ulnerable fire, resistant piercingPercept 100 (10)nil
Creeping TreehugeTrees are rare in the Yellowland velds because the Yellowlanders cut them down religiously in the wild, trusting only those they plant themselves and consecrate to the Green god. The native red-leaves are said to be inspired by fiery Vulcana to seek water and life fluids from the walking creatures, gone mad in their desire to keep the Yellow Goddess alone for Vulcana in her land. They move only at night, creeping stealthily and striking with aerial tap roots to drain the vital bodily fluids of living creatures.Day: 1, Night: 2d4137d12+14 (59)20bodily fluid stealing roots: +6 piercing 3d6 + 4, reach 10'vulnerable fire, resistant piercing, bludgeoningPercept 102 (450)a few worn pieces of jewelry embedded in the tree's branches and roots
Vulcana's Sniffing SaffrontinyThe precious sniffing saffron is cultivated around Puerto Safran and used as a spice by many wizards, particularly diviners and necromancers, to increase the potency of their spells—or so they say. It is also used as an inebriant. The wild version is sometimes more potent, if exposed to Vulcana's wiles, and actually boosts caster level by +1d4. Wis vs. DC 12 to avoid hallucinations (act as confusion)Day: 1d8, Night: 0121d4 (2)20suicidal puff of hallucinogens (DC 15), dies after puffing to save it's flower-bed-matesvulnerable to everythingPercept 120 (0)an unpuffed dried saffron is worth 2d20 gp

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