Friday, October 31, 2014

Giant, Pumpkin (5E monster)

Giant, Pumpkin (Go, go, mighty commas!)
Afriy, the saummerly wastrel priest, had lied a follicked tale unto the wandrelknight Mishkala ad Gare who sought the unwrongdoing of the hooperwaste. A walk on the wild side and a perfect day and thar in the Hellpum'kin Crate he met not one giant pumpkin to soothe the pellen ache of swayne prinzessen, but a pumpkin giant clad in sooten barkwool and bewielded of an axe most gruesome and great. The Garish folk spoke long and sought far, but nary a bone or bane of fair Mishkala ad Gare was found between Garish and Cheerish, neither that once-a-year-for-a-night impression in the hooperwaste that the saummerly Afriy had called, 'fore he vainsh'd, the Hellpum'kin Crate.

huge giant, chaotic neutral
Encounter: 1, 1d8 in Hellpumpkin Crater
AC: 13, HP: 100 (10d12 + 35), Speed 40,
STR 22, DEX 8, CON 19, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 12
Skills: Perception +3, Intuition +5, Lang: Giant Pumpkin, Sneering Common,
2,300 XP

Multiattack - the pumpkin giant makes two pumpkin axe attacks and one bite attack.

Pumpkin Axe, melee +9, reach 10, 3d10+6 (22) damage.
Pumpkin Bite, melee +7, 2d8+6 (15), swallow on 15 damage or more

Swallowed: 1d6 damage per round, Con save DC13 each round versus paralytic gastric fumes

Pumpkin Grenade, ranged +9, range 60/240, 20' foot radius burst, hit 22 (3d10+6) pumpkin acid damage

Terrifying Cackle, sonic, recharge 5-6, 50' radius, the pumpkin cackles causing fear and watery knees in all who hear, Wis save DC15,

On Death: Gastric Explosion, on death the pumpkin explodes in a sudden eruption of noxious paralytic fumes, 30' radius, 1d8 damage (no save) from flying pips, Con save DC13 or paralyzed.

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