Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cauldron Classic Recipes

Being a list of foods I've cooked and eaten (and that tasted good!) that work well in gonzo fantasy taverns, inns, bars, restaurants, and other places.

Roll d100:
  1. Pan-fried garlic and avocado prawns,
  2. Hand-picked mud-flat clam sauce and pasta,
  3. White-wine and barnacle stew,
  4. Fresh limpets with amber beer,
  5. Garlic and parsley garnished snails,
  6. Giant land-snail strips cooked and fried with olive oil,
  7. Dandelion salad with squid tentacles,
  8. Turkey-heart curry,
  9. Spit-roasted chicken hearts,
  10. Cooked beef heart,
  11. Grilled marrow-bones and fresh butterzopf,
  12. Rabbit livers with bell peppers and sweet potato,
  13. Beef-lung soup,
  14. Cheese and garlic soup,
  15. Bone-and-vegetable stew,
  16. Fish-bone-and-head stew (prepare the bones in a little muslin net, or you'll have to fish them out),
  17. Fried dandelion with strips of raw beefsteak,
  18. Stir-fried brains with the flesh of the unborn chicken (eggs),
  19. Calf liver steaks in red-wine sauce with peppers and onions,
  20. Blood-sausage and cream,
  21. Blood-sausage and mint,
  22. Blood-sausage and rice and barley and chunks of pork fat,
  23. Fried and sliced pig snouts to go with your ale, sirrah,
  24. Car-engine grilled mixed sausages and vegetables (the carbeque),
  25. Chunk of beef baked under hot stones,
  26. Raw oysters freshly hammered off the rocks with vodka,
  27. Fish cheek selection,
  28. Tripe with tomato sauce and spices,
  29. Pickled tripe with garlic and peppers,
  30. Selection of sliced tongues with onions and pepper,
  31. Crocodile meat jerky,
  32. Sun-dried anchovies with peppers and nuts,
  33. Chicken liver soup,
  34. Baked bear's paw with blueberry sauce and a fine chianti,
  35. Whole lamb eaten off a spit over a charcoal pit,
  36. Grilled pig's ears,
  37. Blood and corn soup,
  38. Ovaries of sea urchin with toast,
  39. Honey-marinated fillet of marble trout,
  40. Deep-fried fish ovaries,
  41. Baked cormorant with last-meal (greyling) gullet filling,
  42. Deep-fried bull's-balls (rocky mountain oysters),
  43. Frog's legs grilled action-figure style,
  44. Grilled liver and onions, liberally peppered,
  45. Deep-fried fish bites,
  46. Pickled sardine spines,
  47. Raw herring partially digested by its own gastric enzymes (hollandse nieuwe),
  48. Grilled cheese-and-potato lump (frika),
  49. Suckling pig on a spit glazed with fresh lager,
  50. Strips of horse-meat lightly grilled with garlic and peppers,
  51. Dormouse ghoulash,
  52. Water-rat stew (nutria),
  53. Monitor lizard on a stick,
  54. Melon-and-turkey stir-fry,
  55. Duck breast fried in its own fat,
  56. Raw strips of sea-bream with olive oil and fresh parsley,
  57. Scallop gratin with garlic, butter and parmesan,
  58. Terrine of deer and pheasant with pistachios and olives,
  59. African cape buffalo fillet ghoulash,
  60. Dried tuna strips,
  61. Diced octopus burger,
  62. Camel burger in a bun,
  63. Wild-boar sausages with a sideboard of cheeses and strong red wine,
  64. Grilled blood-and-rye sausages with a side of sparkling golden beer,
  65. Grilled chitterlings on a little stick,
  66. Minced left-over-meat mixed stew,
  67. Grilled sturgeon steaks,
  68. Fried trout skins,
  69. Sour vegetable stir fry seasoned with giant ants,
  70. Fried earthworms with scrambled eggs,
  71. Jellied pork trotters,
  72. Grilled wild mushrooms dipped in melted cheese (fondue),
  73. Ostrich steaks in garlic and mustard sauce,
  74. White sausages with sweet mustard and pretzels,
  75. Boiled smoked pork stomach sausage (boudin),
  76. Fish-cakes gratin baked in cheese and tomato sauce (quenelle),
  77. Cold beef-and-onion salad,
  78. Pumpkin strudel,
  79. Grilled camembert-style cheese stuffed with garlic,
  80. Bread and mushroom curry,
  81. Fresh pheasant tripe paté with olives, grilled peppers and rosemary crackers,
  82. Steamed artichoke flower hearts with vinegar-pickled anchovies,
  83. Catfish stuffed with roof rabbit, stewed in a red-pepper tschorba,

Ok, I have to go cook now. If you want a more detailed recipe of one of these, let me know.

Edit 15th June 2014: Added a few more.

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