Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Tower of Down

Perhaps something that lies beneath the Endless Necropolis of Ebet? The Tower of Down continues deep below the verdant earth, a beckoning, luring worm of a dungeon that feeds on the reckless fools drawn into its depths. Perhaps the Tower itself produces gold and gems to lure in its food. Perhaps the more souls it consumes, the stronger it grows.

17 20 levels and counting :) - get the hi-res version here.

The Tower Exploration Table:

1 - all is as it should be. This chamber is clean.
2 - a faint miasma of something off lingers.
3 - no, you're just hearing things.
4 - it sounds and feels moist and expectant.
5 - it's just your imagination. There are no rats in the walls.
6 - something is definitely squeaking and smacking it's lips.
7 - did that wall just fart? it definitely smells bad.
8 - no, it's all ok, your hair is standing on end because of static electricity, that's all.
9 - that looks like an empty eye socket in the wall.
10 - something is whispering and those look like mouths in the wall.
11 - that's an eye. I'm telling you, there's an eye in the wall.
12 - An Eye of the Tower watches this chamber.
13 - 50% Ears of the Tower listen here / 50% Noses of the Tower smell here.
14 - Orifices of the Tower expel foul liquids and vapours here.
15 - A Mouth of the Tower smacks its lips in appreciation.
16 - A Tongue of the Tower licks about this chamber.
17 - 1d4 Eyes of the Tower watch this chamber 18 - 1d4 Ears and Tongues of the Tower lash the chamber 19 - 1d4 Noses and Mouths of the Tower bite and gnash.
20 - 1d8 Eyes of the Tower blink and stare and roll.
21 - 1d4 Eyes of the Tower and 1d4 Orifices of the Tower.
22 - 1d3 Eyes of the Tower and a Monsterwomb of the Tower.
23 - 1d4 Tentacles of the Tower and 1d4 Mouths of the Tower.
24 - An exposed Stomach of the Tower and 1d8 Orifices of the Tower.
25 - 3d6 Eyes of the Tower and a Crushing Hand of the Tower.
26 - 1d12 Laughing Mouths of the Tower and one Oozing Bladder of the Tower.
27 - it is all ok, there is no chaos here, the tower is safe, the treasure chest is safe, there are no curses.
28 - 1d20 Eyes of the Tower and 1d20 Ears of the Tower.
29 - 1d6 Caco-orifices and 1d6 Mouths of the Tower.
30 - 1 Great Mind's Eye of the Tower and 1d4 Bones of the Tower.
31 - 1d6 Eggs of the Tower and 1d4 Phalluses of the Tower.
32 - a Stomach of the Tower and 1d6-2 Eyes of the Tower.
33 - truly, there is no chaos, the water is safe to drink, sleep here, rest a while.
34 - do you not trust the tower? the whispering mouths are your friends. rest upon the soft Bosoms of the Tower, suckle the Milk of the Tower.
35 - 1d6 Feet of the Tower and 1 Vomiting Orifice of the Tower.
36 - a Heart of the Tower and sense of peace.
37 - the Dead Soul of the Tower and the Mental Womb of Destruction of the Tower

The work in progress version.