Wednesday, June 26, 2013

100 Magical Comestibles

I'm pretty sure you all thought this blog had died, eh? Well, the fact of the matter is that I started a new job and I've had an entertaining but very busy two months. C'est la vie. However, more than a month ago I started a mildly collaborative topic that was right up the alley of this blog's title: potions and other consumable magical items. Today I finished off the list, thus get your d100 ready for another century of items to befuddle and bemuse and occasionally kill your PCs.

1. Dire Beaver Lard Ointment - Grants +6 to save vs. Cold for 8 hours or until the next bath.

2. Breath-taking Pungent Restorative Inhalation – Restores 1/4 hit points, non-combat

3. Ointment of the Rancid Yak - Grants +3 to save vs. Cold for a day or until the next bath.

4. Mysfoldo's Miraculous Medicinal Pills - These pills may upset the stomach (-2 to poison resistance for 8 hours), but they cure any disease.

5. Pills of Toadstoolsbane and Ground Gerbil - These pills grant +5 to saves vs. Poison for the next 8 hours or so.

6. Illokar's Receptive Potion - A delightfully refreshing and bubbling beverage of sparkling white liquid. Doubles all healing values for a few hours

7. The Orange Potion - An orange potion. It is cursed and turns the drinker orange, permanently. But it does grant +3 to saves vs. Fire and poison for 8 hours.

8. Potion of Potency - This phallic finely worked glass bottle with crystal stopper contains finely prepared purple worm extract that will make even the oldest codger function like a raging fire hose. Could be valuable.

9. Sphilker's Viviferous Suppository - a suppository of gold-sickle harvested acorns and mistletoe that protects against necrotic damage, granting a +3 to saves vs. necrotic effects and protection from the loss of 1d3 levels.

10. The Green Potion - another 'cursed' potion, turns the drinker's hair into a symbiotic algal mass. On the other hand, it does reduce the drinker's need to take in food and nourishment (apart from water) when exposed to sufficient sunlight.

11. Thorneau's Thaumic Powder - a greyish powder, reputedly from the essence of vampire and the extract of raddish, designed to be inhaled nasally. It supercharges a spell-caster's magically ability, granting +2 caster levels for about an hour. Side-effects may include drowsiness, twitchiness, itchiness, scratching, nausea, blindness, cancer and severe addiction (at DM's discretion).

12. The Good Beer - a celestial beer brand occasionally available on the lower worlds. Known to give visions of the gods and occasionally access to miracles. Also grants a +1 bonus to Strength for a few hours and a -1 penalty to Intelligence for a similar period.

13. The Thirteenth Potion - A small vial of green-and-red swirling liquids. designed to be consumed intravenously, it takes a full round to inject in combat. Whoever injects it becomes a walking maelstrom of misfortune and all nearby creatures tend to suffer inexplicable and horrible accidents (critical fails occur on a 1-3 on a d20). The user himself rolls critical successes on 20 and 13. Effects last about an hour. Withdrawal symptoms include misfortune for the user for another 1d8 hours (critical fail on 1 or 13 on a d20).

14. Albatross oil - water breathing and swimming for 8 hours, but increased wandering monsters and -4 to all saves. (by Courtney Campbell)

15. Sugar of Survival - a nourishing elvish powder made from the white nuts of the Sweeting Palm of the Vindala forests. A pinch of this completely banishes all hunger and restores energy for 24 hours. Overuse may result in starvation and tooth decay (food still has to be eaten at some point!).

16. The Exquisite Essence of Pain - This is a gritty paste that, if administered into a wound, causes the victim to save vs. poison or go through every imaginable form of pain for 3d6 days. Many victims beg for death before this runs its course.

17. Weasel War Dance Oil - Harvested from the scent glands of giant ferrets, this oil is extremely pungent but if it is rubbed behind the ears, a subject gains a bonus of 4 to AC versus all attacks for 1d6 turns thanks to an erratic movement pattern.

18. Hillbilly hobgoblin moonshine - This is a whiskey-like moonshine of questionable provenance, made by degenerate rejects from hobgoblinkind's militant society. For the next 24 hours after this concoction is drunk, the saliva of its drinker becomes a mild contact poison (the drinker is immune) and if they spit on a human or humanoid character, the target must save or be stunned for 2d6 rounds.

19. Scone of Eldritch Might - Baked by cloud giants, these pastries are effectively scones +4. If used to distract a monster they must save (at -4) to avoid stopping to savor the delicious scone. They provide excellent nutrition but no bonuses when eaten, but they are +4 to deliciousness.
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20. The Sharing Weed - a fine tobacco product from the hills of the leprechauns. The smoker must save vs. poison or feel compelled to share his belongings fairly with everyone he sees.
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21. Circle berries. Eat and become confused over who can hear you and who you can hear. Gain telepathy with the last 50 people you talked to. 25% it's one way, you to them, 25% it's one way, them to you, 50% chance it's full telepathy. (by Courtney Campbell)
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22. Chewing Gum of the Damned: causes the chewer to contemplate all the mistakes they've made in their life, this causing 2 weeks of extremely bad attitude, grumpiness, quick temper, and generally antisocial behavior while you work through your self-loathing. (by Brett Slocum)

23. Ranger oil: allows you to track using scent. Also, aroused by animals in heat. (by Courtney Campbell)

24 Tube of Turbidity - a metallic tube filled with a turbid paste that sublimates rapidly in the air, creating a large grey-green cloud of vaguely sweet tasting smoke. The smoke is heavier than air and dissipates withing about half an hour. If quickly applied to wet skin, it grants gaseous form to the recipient for about an hour.

25 Potion of Phlatulence - a savory and very tasty potion, that produces massive flatulence (equivalent in power to a stinking cloud effect) that lasts for about 3 hours.

26 The Blue Potion - this potion causes massive depression and listlessness that lasts for 1d8 days, requiring a save vs. spell to avoid committing suicide once a day. If the drinker survives, he permanently gains 1 point of Wisdom and pale bluish skin.

27 The Golden Potion - a gleaming golden fluid in a crystal bottle stoppered with a ruby. A drinker's soul is immediately transported to an after-life of his choosing and his body is turned into solid gold. If a drinker wishes to resist going to his heavenly abode, he must save vs. death at a -2 penalty. Even then, there is a 10% chance that a finger, ear, toe, nose or other protruding extremity is permanently turned to gold and the drinker permanently loses 1 point of constitution.
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28 The Sleepy Potion - a potion of milky coloured liquid in an alabaster pot that makes the drinker feel drowsy, giving a -1 penalty to all physical activity and a -4 penalty to all magical or intellectual activities. However, it does give a +3 bonus to all dream-related spells and activities.

29 Koffington's Ointment - a brown and pungent ointment that smells vaguely of oregano and durian, which is rubbed on the chest and throat. It provides a +4 bonus to saves vs. smoke, cloud and gas based attacks (e.g. cloudkill) for a few hours. Sadly, it also gives a -3 penalty to all stealth checks against creatures with noses.

30 The Salts of Jolts - a fine, blue powder that jolts the sniffer back into action (can be poured into the nostrils, if the recipient is unconscious). The sniffer is fully awake and alert, gaining 15 temporary hitpoints and a +2 bonus to all athletic and melee combat activities for 1d6 minutes. After that, the temporary hitpoints disappear and the sniffer suffers 1d4 hitpoints of damage. Additionally there is a miniscule 1,7% chance of heart attack when the salts are used.
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31 The dew gathered from mountains - When consumed grants a bonus against fatigue. Addicting. (by Courtney Campbell)

32 Crimson Minotaur - this liquid grants powers of focus and endurance. Bonuses to learning spells. Gam an additional spell slot and 1d4 hit points. After 8 hours, must sleep for 10 hours or double fatigue penalties. (by Courtney Campbell)

33 Snuffle Truffle Paste - an expensive and delicious mushroom derived paste that reduces reason and willpower. It gives a -2 penalty to INT and WIS and a -6 penalty to appraisal attempts for 1d4 hours after eating.

34 The Pink Potion - a sparkling pink potion in a quartz bottle with a heart-shaped ruby stopper. The flask alone is worth several hundred pieces of eight. The potion itself tastes of strawberries and it causes the drinker's skin to permanently thereafter sparkle in sunlight. In full sunlight the sparkling is so bright that it gives an AC bonus of +1 if just the head and arms are visible, a +2 bonus if the entire torso is bare and a +4 bonus if the character is completely nude. The sparkling also applies an equal charisma bonus to diplomacy checks against naive female characters attracted to the drinker's race.

35 The Grey Potion - a flat, dull grey potion that when drunk provides chameleon like abilities on rocky or masonry surfaces, giving a +7 bonus to hiding abilities while not moving. It takes about 1d6 seconds for the drinker's skin to assume a camouflage pattern suited to the rocks surrounding it.

36. The Potion of the First Spring - a sparkling beer-like beverage collected from the ur-spring of ancient Ur. It grants protean abilities to the drinker. 50% it permanently polymorphs the drinker into another humanoid race of choice. 25% it grants the drinker a permanent additional limb or sensory organ. 20% it permanently polymorphs the drinker into an ape, lowering intelligence and charisma by 4, increasing strength, dexterity and constitution by 2 each. 5% it permanently turns the drinker into a physical paragon of his race, increasing str or dex or con (determine randomly) to the maximum starting value.

37. The Digested Coffee of the Celestial Civet - a sparkling, refreshing coffee that lets the drinker memorize double his normal allotment of spells for a day. For a day after that, massive headaches and nausea prevent spell-casting. Highly delicious and addictive.

38. The Pastry of Power - a dull, dry pastry that can only be consumed with copious amounts of milk. Upon consuming it, gain 1d6 temporary hit points and the ability to carry double your normal load for 2d6 hours.

39. The Black Potion - a massively powerful potion of clairvoyance that lets the drinker see exactly every living creature exactly as they will look one hour after death, with full insight into the cause of death. May cause madness. Effects last for 1d30 days, a save vs. death to prevent madness must be rolled every midnight after drinking the potion.

40. Flatbread of Flatness - a flatbread stored in a minimalist package with cryptic, barely readable writing on it. Consuming the flatbread makes the eater two-dimensional for two hours. While two-dimensional, he effectively moves around like a shadow, skimming across surfaces. Interaction with the 3d world is nigh on impossible, however even gusts of wind can be used to fly like a kite. Beware of territorial birds.

41. Lesser Pill of Growth - a magical pill of yellow with blue spots, should be drunk with wine or mead. Over the next 1d6 minutes the consumer of the pill grows to double his former size, increasing Str and Con by 4 and reducing Dex by 4. Any clothes or armor or equipment worn do not increase in size. Ordinary clothes cause 1d2 hp damage as they burst, light armours like leather or hide cause 1d4 hp damage, medium armours like chainmail cause 2d6 hp damage, heavy armours like full plate cause 5d6 hp damage. If a full helmet is worn, the consumer of the pill must save vs. petrification or die as the metal helm crushes his expanding skull. There is a 2% chance that the pill effects are permanent.

42. The Other Pill to Make You Small - this gummy-bear shaped pill reduces the character to the size of a human child or a halfling. The character loses 2 str and gains 2 dex. Additionally, clothes or equipment do not resize. The effects last for 1d8 hours, when they wear off there is a tingling sensation and in the following 1d6 minutes the character returns to full size. See the lesser pill of growth for potential harmful effects of clothing. There is a 3% chance that the effects are permanent.

43. The Pill of Painful Gain - a bitter pill to swallow, requiring a save vs. spell to actually ingest. After eating the pill of painful gain the character gains experience for every hitpoint lost for the next 1d6 hours, each lost hitpoint granting 1d10 thousandths of the xp required for the next level. If the character actually dies while under the influence of the pill, he immediately gains 20% of the xp required to level up. Of course, he is still dead.

44. The Ash of the Afterlife - bitter, burning ash in a lacquered ebon box, when inhaled nasally it first overloads all the sensory synapses of the character for 1d4 rounds, rendering him blind and deaf. After that the character is effectively protected from death for the next 1d10 minutes. The character still takes damage but simply does not bleed and can go as far into negative hitpoints as he likes - however, lost limbs still impede the character (though the severed members continue to move and twitch). At the end of the effects the character has to be healed to a positive value or he dies. There is a three round window after the end of the immunity when healing must be administered. During that period, if the character is at negative hitpoints a single hp of damage will kill him.

45. Bowl of Bohemian Blood - a bowl of absinthe laced blood of the demigod Bohemius, god of revels and intellectual pursuits. Drinking it will reduce Dex and Wis by 3, but increase Int by 1 and Cha by 4 for 2d4 hours. There is a 10% chance of addiction.

46. Dust of Heat - a yellowish powder, can be used as a spice. Consumed in larger quantities, it sets the eater on fire. The effects last for 3d6 turns. While on fire, the eater takes 1 point of fire damage every turn and deals 1d6 fire damage to every adjacent creature. All clothes or gear that are susceptible to fire may also be damaged.

47. Ointment of Ants - a reddish, grainy ointment. When it is rubbed into the skin, the grains birth forth a myriad of tiny crawling ants that cover the body. The ants do not harm the user of the ointment, indeed they attack anyone who threatens or touches the user. Anybody touching the user takes 1d6 damage from the ants and suffers a -2 penalty to attacks for 1d6 rounds (cumulative) as the ants crawl over him, biting and stinging. There are enough ants for 10 such responses. The user can also direct the ants to attack a nearby target en masse, dealing up to 10d6 points of damage and applying an up to -10 penalty to attacks for 1d6 rounds. The ants continue to cover the user's body for 8 hours, after which they slowly disperse over 10 minutes (or less, depending on uses). There is a 5% chance each hour that the ants turn on the user, attacking him. Fire destroys the ants, smoke chases them away. If the user jumps into water, the ants swim away and may attack nearby creatures, when they exit the water.

48. The Forgotten Potion - once you drink this potion you will forget that you have drunk it and the potion bottle will magically refill. There is a 50% chance the potion grants a +1 bonus to all rolls for 1 minute and a 50% chance it grants a -1 penalty to all rolls for 1 minute instead.

49. The Seed of the Black Berry - usually placed in a thick syrup in the stoppered skulls of decapitated wights, the juice of the black begonia requires the drinker to make a save vs. death. On failure, the black begonia sprouts inside the body, causing immense pain for 1d6+6 days (-4 to all rolls during this period), whereupon a vine sprouts from a bodily orifice (80%, causing 1d6 hp damage) or right through the abdomen (18%, causing 4d6 hp damage) or, rarely, from an eye socket (2%, causing 2d6 hp damage and loss of one eye). Upon the vine a berry ripens over 2 days. Over this same period the host loses 2 levels worth of xp. Whoever eats the berry gains half the xp required to reach the next level (i.e. if 1000xp total are required to go from level 1 to 2, he gains 500xp). Removing the berry before it ripens means the host loses 1 level of xp and then has to save vs. death or die.

50. The Magnificent Modelling Mud of Milandro - a medicinal mud that, when spread on the skin, rejuvenates and revives. It adds 5 years to the character's maximum life span and reduces his apparent age by 10 years to a minimum of 18.

51. Sharkhog Soup - soup made from the fins of the sharkhog, it tastes mildly of pork and shark and immensely improves the smelling ability of the eater (a +5 bonus in relevant circumstances) and extends the length of orgasms to 3d6+12 minutes. It is quite popular and sharkhogs are rare due to demand. Some fear they may even be going extinct.

52. Cream of Clutching - a magical cream that extends and strengthens the fingers of whoever rubs it into their hands. They gain a permanent +2 bonus to climbing, strangling and playing the piano. However, people may comment about the freakishly long fingers.

53. Liver Lave - a soap made from the lard of a lycanthrope butchered by the light of the blue moon, the liver lave fully restores all liver functions, cures alcoholism and provides a permanent +1 bonus to saves vs. poison.

54. Meat of the Muse - when one of the immortal muses was slain and dismembered by the hero Amphoriochus, her flesh was gathered up, spiced, dried and preserved by the mage Maftufnet. He would consume the flesh when he sought inspiration. The flesh increases intelligence and charisma by 2 for seventeen hours. Additionally there is a 10% chance of debilitating clairvoyant visions of far-off places and times once every hour. A save vs. spell allows the eater to control the visions and choose what to see.

55. Salt of Silence - a savoury salt from the sea of stilled sighs, it increases the flavour of food immensely. However, it magically stills the voice of whoever eats it for 6d66 minutes (or 1d6+1 hours, whichever the dm prefers).

56. Oil of the Wrestler - oil extracted from the dead fat of the master wrestler Phidoccocus stored in an earthenware jar depicting octopuses and pigs. The oil makes whoever uses it slippery, granting a +2 AC bonus against unarmed attacks for 8 hours or until the next bath.

57. Balm of Boils - this soothing balm restores 2d10 hp over 1d4 minutes, but covers the skin in boils. The boils are painless, but apply a -2 penalty to charisma on each application.

58. Canned Air of Canophis - the purest of pure airs bottled at the air-springs of Canophis, a single gulp of this air, sucked through a straw, provides enough oxygen to survive without breathable air for 2d6+8 minutes.
59. Jelly of the Alan Hordes - made from the stewed bones of giants, this jelly provides immunity to thrown rocks and blunt weapons for 2 hours.

60. Tincture of Brightness - three drops of this tincture on the tongue will cause bright light to flare forth from the user’s orifices, sufficient to see in pitch darkness to a distance of 30 feet. Lasts 30 minutes. Four drops and the effect lasts 3 days. Five drops and the effect lasts 3 years. Six drops or more within a 24 hour period and the user explodes in a burst of light, dealing 1d10 radiant damage to all nearby. It is surmised that the user becomes a being of pure light at that point and rapidly departs the boring old material world at that point.

61. Soup of Somnolence - a tasty soup that puts the eater to sleep for 8 hours. After sleeping it all off, the eater reawakens refreshed and in possession of 1d10 temporary hit points.

62. Tart of Torture - a gristle-filled, revolting and rancid tart that completely removes the ability to feel pain for 6 hours. The character can function normally until he hits -10 hit points, whereupon he is - as is of course tradition - dead as a doornail.

63. Refined Wereowlbear Oil - do not ask how it was procured. In any case, this essentially beneficial oil provides superior night vision, superior smell, a tendency to howl at the moon and a proclivity to grow fur and feathers, providing superior insulation. All effects last approximately two weeks.

64. Blood of Stones - squeezed from the sentient stones of Saint Ouboel, this blood provides resistance to fatigue and blisters. One drop of it allows the drinker to walk or run without fatigue for 12 hours. There is a 5% chance of developing dermoliths after each drop. Every three dermoliths provide a +1 AC and -1 Dex. A character’s 13th dermolith turns him into a stone golem.

65. Ground Essence of Killing Swords - made from the repeated grinding, sifting and mystical refining of the metal of swords that have slain sentient creatures, this dust is inhaled through the nostrils. For 2d6 hours it provides a +2 bonus to all attacks with swords, a 20% chance of persistent nosebleeds, a 10% chance of addiction and a 5% chance of contracting a wracking lung disease that imposes a permanent -1 constitution penalty.

66. Daemon Dog Delights - a more potent variant of the scooby snack, it gives a slight euphoric high, boosts courage (providing an immunity to fear) and causes violet smoke to occasionally rise from the eater’s ears.

67. Ghost Potion - the ghost of a sentient potion sometimes lingers in an otherwise empty bottle. The drinker is turned into a shade and can interact normally with incorporeal objects, while corporeal ones become insubstantial and wispy. The effects last 30 minutes.

68. Sentient Potion - sentience distilled into a bottle, the drinker has to roll a save vs. death magic or his body is taken over by the sentience in the potion. If he survives, he permanently gains 1 point of Wisdom from absorbing the life experiences of the distilled spirit.

69. Distilled Spirits - finely distilled spirits may be either chaotic or lawful, depending on the intent of the brewer. Imbibing spirits of the correct alignment permanently increases Intelligence and Wisdom by 1 point and provides a +3 constitution bonus for 24 hours. The opposite effect occurs should there be an alignment mismatch. There is a 13% chance of the drinker contracting a virulent and belligerent weltschmerz and deciding to become a hermit or other lonely seeker after wisdom, abandoning the adventuring life.

70. Soldier’s Solace - a mesmerizing and vivacious ectoplasmic gel in a bottle, when consumed it transports the eater’s mind into a dreamy and debauched realm of rest and relaxation. The eater falls catatonic for one hour, awakening drained (fatigued) but refreshed (fully healed, cleared of poisons and curses). The fatigue requires a full day’s rest to completely disappear.

71. The Connecting Cream - a mildly tingling red cream that over 1d4 rounds melds an object into the flesh it has been applied to, for example embedding a ring permanently in a finger or attaching a sword to the stump of an arm. Warning: also permanently bonds bodies or hands together, leading to cases of siamese adventurers and clerics with permanently clasped hands. Use only rock crystal spoons to apply the connecting cream.

72. Bread of the Burrower - made from the dried gristle of purple worms, this bread turns the eater into a worm-like creature that can burrow rapidly through earth and stone. The transformation takes 1d6 rounds and the effects last for 6 hours or until the eater is sprinkled with aqua vitae (concentrated alcohol).

73. Essence of Spear - crafted from the filings of the demigod Mutilles’ spear, mixed with aqua vitae by the light of the Seventh Sun, the essence of spear provides immunity to piercing attacks for 1d6+1 hours. There is a 13% chance that one heel is still vulnerable to attack.

74. Sweet Potion of Submission - a sparkling, sugary potion in a leather-wrapped flask. The sweet potion of submission induces feelings of lassitude and slight euphoria, as well as imposing a -4 penalty to saves vs. mind-affecting spells and effects for 10 hours.

75. Hand of God - the hand of a godling preserved in divine jelly. A single bite of the divine flesh heals all wounds and provides a +2 bonus to AC for a day. Two bites provide an additional +6 bonus to attack, damage and saves that lasts for 6 hours, but after follows a deep depression and listlessness that applies a -3 penalty to attack, damage, saves and AC for the next 6 hours. Three bites in a single day summon a gaggle of demons who try to bear the deophage bodily to the fourteen hells for eternal torture.

76. Water of Creation - a pure, sparkly liquid, when drunk it manifests the character’s subconscious. As a rule of thumb, if the character is unaware of the effect, the following should happen based on the character’s wisdom: 3-6: a horrible, out-of control daemon manifests in the vicinity and attacks the character, 7-9: a vicious dire beast manifests and attacks the character, 10: a cat appears—cats are always popular, 11-13: a celestial servant appears that can perform minor helpful tasks, 14-15: a celestial warrior appears that fights for the character, 16-17: a helpful angel appears, 18+: a genie appears that grants one wish. If the character is aware, he can save vs. rod to try and control his subconscious, manifesting an effect as per a limited wish. The manifested creature generally disappears after 1d6 hours.

77. Grey Blood - a nanite dust that is mixed with the blood of a virgin and injected with a syringe. In the body it purges all poisons, cures vampirism and lycanthropy, grants regeneration 3hp/round for 3 days and turns the character’s skin and hair a grayish hue. There is a 10% chance the colour change is permanent.

78. Balm of the Budding Shoot - applied to the body, it regrows lost limbs or increases the size and strength of existing ones. Effects are permanent. Applied correctly (save vs. spell), it can permanently increase Str or Charisma by +1 (depending on limbs). Incorrect application may result (35%) in misshapen appendages that impose a -2 penalty to Charisma. It is highly sought after by rich, older men and young, flat-chested ladies of good breeding.

79. Ironbone Potion - a dark, heavy potion, similar to liquid mercury. It permanently turns bones to iron, increasing resistance to critical strikes (x2 criticals become x1, x3 become x2, etc.) and makes bones almost unbreakable. On the down side, it reduces movement rate and applies a -4 penalty to swimming and climbing.

80. Raptorous Potion - a potion made from the thaumic glands of seven pygmy dire dragons of the Shawmshae Isles. A bottle contains 1d6+6 swigs. A single swig gives a single acid breath attack (like a black dragon) with a range of 30 feet that deals character level times d6 damage. If the breath attack is not expelled within five minutes, it deals half that damage to the character’s gastric system instead and requires a save vs. death or the character’s intestines are ruined, leading to blood poisoning and death within 2d3 days unless magical regeneration is procured. If more than 5 swigs are ingested in a day, the character’s skin begins to transform into black draconian scale and the head becomes more and more reptilian. If 10 swigs are ingested in a day, the character grows vestigial wings and membranes, becomes very reptilian and gets a permanent daily acid breath attack that deals half the character’s level times d6 damage.

81. Eggs of the Oekariyai - the eggs of the parasitic magic-eating worms of the Oelsthic waste may be ingested to acquire a symbiotic helper. One egg provides a permanent +1 bonus to all saves vs. magic, however for each symbiote the character must consume 50% more food and drink each day. If five eggs are eaten, the symbiotes displace many of the character’s internal organs and from then on the character must ingest a magical item, preferably ground down and cooked in a pudding, or lose a fifth of his total hit points each day.

82. Shredded Soup of the Book - a soup made from shreds of the Book of True names and stored in an everhot flask heated by a small captured elemental. Drinking a swig of the soup reveals the true name of a creature in the vicinity. All spells cast against that creature, while invoking its true name, receive a +3 bonus to all rolls. Downing the entire soup requires a save vs. wands to avoid going insane for 1d6 days (roll 1d6: 1 hallucinations, 2 voices, 3 paranoia, 4 catatonia, 5 megalomania, 6 depression), thereafter the drinker can draw the true name of three people he can see from the air itself for the next three days. The true name bonus is permanent.

83. Leg of the Leaping Laelaps - a charred haunch of a dog of the wild hunt, preserved in dire boar lard and seasoned with wild berries. Eating the haunch grants speed and strength when chasing, granting a +6 bonus to opposed chase checks for 12 hours or until the next time the character has to defacate, whichever comes later.

84. Boiled Worms of Wisdom - the Worm Shal-Naryathlu hid the wisdom of the fourteen hundred holy sayings in its many-numbered coils. Slain by the hero Chiako Thaik-Rou, it’s body dispersed into myriad small worms that hid in the whispering bog. Gathered, boiled, seasoned and dried in the light of the inner sun, they are prized by shamans and summoners. Eating one of the worms grants a +2 bonus when communing with spirits or summoning the dead, as well as all spells dealing with the spirit realm.

85. The Lime Potion - a bright lime-colored potion; when drunk, it turns the drinker bright red and inebriates him greatly. After the inebriation wears off, the red coloration remains, but the character also gains infravision with a range of 60 feet.

86. Jellied Illithid Brain - sold in small sugared lumps, jellied illithid brain is prized by psionicists and mentalists, for it strengthens mental energy and gives a +4 bonus to all mind-affecting spells for 4d4 hours. After the effect wears off, the character is sorely fatigued for at least thrice three hours. There is a 15% chance of addiction, which can lead to a very expensive habit.

87. Eye of Newt Potion - a thick, syrupy liquid full of small newt eyes, it is used as a fertility potion, increasing the chance of conception during the next intercourse (if within 3 hours) to 75%. If the next intercourse involves only males, the chance of conception is the same, however, the final results may be complicated. For more general purposes, drinking an eye of newt provides a +1 bonus to AC for 3 hours.

88. The White Potion - a concentrated form of milk, the white potion also knits broken bones and regenerates lost or rotted teeth. It has no other effects. Prized by dentomancers.

89. Aqua Imperialis - a potent corrosive potion, used for dissolving metals, can be used to destroy locks and trap mechanisms. Actually ingesting it is probably not a good idea. It is pale yellow and odourless.

90. Lightning Snuff - a mild electric charge surrounds this reddish spider. When inhaled it super-charges a character, causing hair to stand on end. The next object or creature touched receives a massive electric shock dealing 9d6 points of electrical damage and having a 50% chance to set on fire. If inhaled in water, the effect is a ball of lightning with an area of effect of 50 feet. The damage is also dealt to the inhaler in that case.

91. Elven Beer - fortified elven beer is used in midsummer fertility rituals by the elves and causes leaves and vines to grow from the drinker’s head. Over ten minutes the vines entangle with surrounding foliage, allowing the character to commune with plants and trees in the area, gain insight into what has happened over the past year and generally feel good and virtuous. The character remains entangled for a full hour. If drunk by dwarves, it makes them mildly intoxicated, but has no other effects.

92. Dwarven War Bread - this hard bread is often used as a missile weapon of last resort, in which case it is treated as a heavy throwing stone, dealing 1d6 hp of damage. The bread is usually grated with a hardened steel grater, it generally takes 5 minutes to grate 1 portion. After grating dwarven war bread loses its potency within 1 minute. A single portion of dwarven bread will protect the eater from sobriety, grant an additional saving throw against weakness and necrotic effects and restore 1d6 hp. An ordinary dwarven war bread loaf has 10d10 portions left. A fresh loaf starts with 101 portions. 15% of dwarven war breads conceal a magical gold coin in their cores.

93. Fried Bat Ear Chips - treated with the treacle of trueness, a handful of bat ear chips will increase hearing acuity tenfold and provide the eater with echolocation for 5 hours or one night, whichever ends later.

94. Oil of Fungus - this oil contains the suspended spores of a virulent fungus that spreads across the body in a matter of days (generally 1d4), shielding it from all microbes, viruses and other fungi. While covered in the fungus, the user is completely immune to all diseases. The fungus also cures all skin diseases. Unfortunately, while covered in the fungus, the character is also fuzzy and white. Removing the oil of fungus requires a fifteen hour salt bath or a remove disease spell. When used by gnomes there is a 3% chance of the oil of fungus turning the gnome into a fungal zombie.

95. The Rainbow Potion - this bright, rainbow coloured liquid serves to change the sexual orientation of the drinker. After drinking the potion, the drinker is only attracted to unicorns. Permanently.

96. Refined Moonlight Cakes - if eaten during the day, these cakes cause permanent blindness. When eaten at night, they reduce hitpoint maximums by half until sunrise, but they grant the character the ability to walk on moonbeams for the duration.

97. Dragon Eggnog - made from the eggs of real dragons, this beverage is considered something of a panacea. It also grants the drinker 50% spell resistance for the next 6 hours. It’s generally awesome. The major drawback is that there are interested parties working hard to stamp out dragon egg and eggnog smugglers and consumers.

98. Ninja Pills - translucent, gel capsules filled with black motes, these pills are created from ground celestial ninja hair, capturing their essential ninjaness. When consumed, the character is invisible and soundless. However, the character is so invisible and soundless that he also cannot actually interact with anything physical. The effects last for 1d100 hours.

99. Salted Demon Tongue - the salted tongue of a mighty demon, usually pickled in brine with cucumbers, shallots, pepper and a caper, is said to give the gift of tongues (speak any languages) as well as great persuasiveness when the topic is seduction (+7 to checks). There is a small chance (33%) that the eater’s alignment will shift towards chaotic.

100. Distilled Divine Dew - made from the distilled sweat of the forge god Vanadiastos himself, distilled divine dew is usually added by drops to a liquid to be consumed. All effects last 12 hours. Even a single drop renders up to a cubic league of water pure and fit for consumption. A single drop consumed grants a protection from chaos effect for 12. Two drops consumed grant clairvoyance and slight headaches, which impose a -1 penalty to all combat and spell-casting. Three drops consumed grant the ability to teleport without error, massive headaches and nosebleeds which impose a -3 penalty and a chance to randomly speak in tongues (10% chance in any encounter). Four drops grant the ability to be in up to three places at once, as well as double vision and hallucinations, imposing a -5 penalty to all actions and a 30% chance of casting random spells in any encounter. Five drops disperse the drinker throughout the universe, giving a 20% chance of attaining enlightenment and an 80% chance of being lost in limbo forever.

101. Chemical X - a black liquid in a glass vase. Does nothing, but looks creepy.

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