Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Cauldrons and Clerics Manifesto

This is my D&D manifesto.

It is about how I dungeon master.

And how I DM, is how I like to DM.

  1. I run games with people I consider friends, or potentially friends. People not fitting that description can politely find another game.
  2. When I meet with friends to play role-playing games, we want to have fun. If that means rules are blatantly ignored, the quest is completely botched and we spend the whole night cracking Monty Python jokes, then so be it.
  3. When I meet with friends I want eat, drink and be merry. If that means character sheets are stained with juices, beers and coffee; if that means that occasionally a player falls asleep at the table; if that means dice sometimes get lost during gaming barbecues, then so be it.
It is about the games I run.

And I like my games like I like my cars, fast and loose.
  1. I like my rules simple, I like rolling 20s and I like my battles bloody and over the top.
  2. I like my rulings simple, fast, fair and possibly consistent - in that order.
  3. I like my sandboxes clean and free of cat poop.
  4. I like my characters to be quick and, occasionally, dead.
The games I run have no classes and no levels, but I still call them D&D because there are dungeons, there are dragons and there are d20s. And that's good enough for me and should be good enough for you.

And, finally, what I write and do for my games, I do for fun and not to set in stone. If I do not have fun writing something for this blog, I will not write it.

-Luka, April, 2013

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