Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 Dinky Amulets

I find that items don't often need to be immensely powerful, it's enough that they are interesting and they will make any haul of treasure better than simply a larger pile of pieces of gold and gems of unknown origin. Behold, the dinky amulets found in less than opulent tombs and catacombs.

Roll d10, if you like.

1 The Mad Wizard's Amulet - This bone amulet with a carven cowering imp grants a +1 bonus to magic defenses, but makes the wearer prone to bouts of mad cackling as the wizard's curse worms into his brain now and again.

2 The Bull's Amulet - This little ceramic bull on a bull-hide thong grants the wearer 2 extra hit points.

3 The Clever Key Amulet - An old, tarnished copper key on a silver chain. It whispers in the wearer's ear when locks are near and provides a +2 bonus to locksmithing and picking locks.

4 Imp Prison Amulet - A crystal prison containing a little imp, the prison is magical and resonates when other magics are nearby, causing pain to the imp inside. The stronger the magics nearby, the more loudly the imp screams. Very powerful magics may kill the imp, rendering the amulet worthless. The imp's name is Menothero.

5 Amulet of Potions - An enchanted ivory cup on a cord loop, when a potion is poured into the amulet, its magic is stored and may be activated by the wearer as a free action. One potion may be stored this way.

6 The Dansebear Amulet - Belonging to an ancient bear tamer, some of his spirit suffuses this amulet. Once per day bear-like creatures may be caused to dance for an hour, though a save vs. spell is allowed. The little silver drum of the amulet also gives the wearer a +2 bonus when interacting with bears and related creatures.

7 Kolgar's Starfallen Amulet - A massive, heavy amulet wrought from a lump of star steel with a chain of the same stuff, apparently forged by the hero Kolgar in a giant's forge. It is uncertain what the amulet can truly do, but folk wearing it claim that the cruel imps etched into its surface cackle and speak to other daemons, giving the wearer a +2 bonus when interacting with daemons and a +1 to all defenses against them.

8 The Dwarfheart Amulet - A mummified dwarven heart, wrapped with electrum wires and filled with a tiny scroll, the dwarfheart amulet grants the wearer a +2 bonus to saves vs. poisons.

9 The Thirsty Amulet - A silver necklace bearing seven vampires' teeth, it weakens mortal wearers (-7 total hit points) but strengthens their melee and missile attacks (+2 to hit) and every time they strike a mortal enemy, they regain 1d4 hit points.

10 The Pentacle Amulet - A gleaming pentacle of odd red metal with the eye of a goat preserved in the centre, ever watchful, the wearer gains a +6 bonus against curses and any curse the wearer successfully saves against is reflected at its caster.

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